Special Agent CyberDuck {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Special Agent CyberDuck {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Special Agent CyberDuck APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

By The Toan - 04/01/2024 (2 months ago) - 10MB
Name Special Agent CyberDuck
Updated On 04/01/2024
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Funbit
Size 10MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Update 04/01/2024 (2 months ago )

Do you want to play a game in the form of a scene? At the same time experience the classic style or not? Can come to the game Special Agent CyberDuck. This game is a combination of action and scene elements. The content revolves around the journey of a CyberDuck agent. Along with his team of agents in the process of carrying out a hostage rescue mission. Accordingly, you will have to fight with many different enemies. At the same time face many dangers. Join the game, you will play as a CyberDuck agent to enter the adventure. Get ready for the difficult tasks that await ahead. Through which will be enjoyed pixelart packed graphics. Promises to bring an exciting classic action experience.

Download Special Agent CyberDuck – Rescue the City Controlled By Criminals

The background of the game Special Agent CyberDuck opens in a city. Revolving around the sweep from the AI-controlled network system. Before that, a secured artificial intelligence broke free and entered the network. They then attacked the city’s control system and took control. Accordingly, Intel believes that AI intelligence has united dangerous criminal organizations. At the same time, he took on a leadership position, with the most advanced power and was called under the name Godbout. Through it re-enacted a fierce attack on the city. Causing everything to be destroyed and standing on the verge of destruction. Since then Godbout is trying to gain control to dominate everything.Special Agent CyberDuck

Scenery gameplay

Join the journey to save the city in Special Agent CyberDuck. You will play as CyberDuck or other agents. The task of fighting criminals has been unified by AI. At the same time face many different dangers. Follow the gameplay that combines action scenes. Will have to overcome difficult terrain and keep moving forward. The goal is to wipe out all enemies in order to survive. At the same time complete the conditions given in each mission. Successfully reach the finish line to the finish and win. From there will have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. Includes the number of gold coins corresponding to the difficulty of the quest and the iconic item.Game Special Agent CyberDuck

Hazards and treacherous terrain

A series of different dangers in the journey in Special Agent CyberDuck. Those are the criminals of the organization. The mechanical robots are equipped with advanced firepower. Equip automatic attack cannons placed in locations to move through. There are many other dangers that will appear as you go deeper into the city center. Each enemy is equipped with a modern weapon system. They will attack you in different styles. For example, criminals will use guns to shoot bullets and to deal damage from a distance.

Besides the enemies that the agents will face. There are still many challenges to overcome. The danger is that makes the moving process complicated. Moreover, there will appear traps and obstacles. For example, a sharp spike trap is connected to a power source. Or blocks of stone, wooden crates blocking the way. At that time, you will have to attack and destroy before you can continue to move forward.Tai Special Agent CyberDuck

Some note

In the battle against the enemies and go to the scene taking place in Special Agent CyberDuck. Various factors need to be taken into account. Can equip a variety of guns to switch when fighting, to change the attack variety. But the number of bullets of each type of gun used will be limited. At the same time, you can only lose your life up to 3 times. More than that will cause the mission to fail. Make it take you extra time to start over at that level until you pass. Especially after every time you shoot down an enemy on the way. They will randomly drop gold coins to give you a chance to collect them.

Level-based missions, gradually difficult challenges

The mission system of Special Agent CyberDuck is very attractive. Opened in each level of play with a series of challenges to overcome. In each level when participating, you will have to search for the location of the hostage being held. Rescue them from captivity by criminals. Also, use equipped weapons. Attack and destroy all enemies to reach the door at the final location. The task will then be completed.Download Special Agent CyberDuck

Continue your journey to rescue the city and enter new levels. The difficulty will increase with changing factors. From the terrain, the number of enemies, and the appearance of new dangers. Making it difficult for the agent to pass the challenge, even if he is not careful, he will even die.