Static Shift Racing 59.8.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Nitro]
Static Shift Racing 59.8.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Nitro]

Static Shift Racing 59.8.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Nitro]

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Static Shift Racing is a drift-driving game published by Timbo Jimbo. Accordingly, you will customize your vehicle in the garage. After completing will participate in the race in many different modes. Show off your skills as a mechanic to create your own racing car. At the same time, prove your flexibility and experience in drift races. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to compete with rivals to receive attractive rewards after winning. To increase the attraction for players when coming to the game. The picture quality is designed to be sharp, thanks to the vivid 3D graphics system. Along with that, the sound effects are reproduced realistically based on the racing activities taking place on the road.

Description about Static Shift Racing MOD APK – Designing Vehicles to Participate in Races

Is a game built with racing content. Accordingly, the system provides a diverse list of vehicles. These are cars from many centuries ago in the 80s and 90s. Each car is uniquely modeled in its own way. With different designs in style, size, and color. Along with that, their performance will not be the same. Can be evaluated in detail through the specifications. In particular, each vehicle also has hundreds of different customizations in parts. Furthermore, according to the information provided by the developer. In the next updates, there will be many other models for you to explore. But if you want to own them, you will have to use the money to buy them.Static Shift Racing MOD

Customize the exterior

Own a racing car that you love. Then you can customize them in the garage with many different options. Including changing the appearance by equipping additional parts such as the windscreen, front bumper, rear bumper, and bonnet. As well as changing the default paint color of the car when you first bought it to your favorite color. Or customize the wheels, bumpers, side skirts, full body kit,… and more. The above parts do not only change the appearance of the car. It also increases aerodynamics to help the vehicle drift better on the road.Download Static Shift Racing MOD

Customization of operating parts

To improve vehicle performance in the game Static Shift Racing. You can interfere with parts related to the operation of the vehicle. Through it customize the engine, transmission, and suspension, reduce ground clearance, … and much more. Along with that is the choice of a new set of tires that can ensure the vehicle operates stably when drifting. Accordingly, each part has many different options for customization. For example, the gearbox after being upgraded will bring smooth acceleration. The improved engine will increase the vehicle’s power and travel speed. Or the suspension will improve stability so that the car drifts better when entering bends.Game Static Shift Racing MOD

Various modes

After perfecting a racing car in your own way. Can participate in races in many different modes. From there, test the vehicle’s ability to operate, as well as show off your skills. Accordingly, each mode will open races according to its own gameplay. It also sets out rules that riders must follow. Includes high-speed lap race mode, sprint race, and sprint drift mode. Win scores in the Drift Attack race and Marker Hunt mode. Racing content in each mode will not be the same. For example, in a sprint drift race, you have to drift through the bends of the road. Aim to the finish line in a limited time.

Online racing mode

Do you want to be competitive with other racers? Especially competing against real players and their friends. It is possible to come to the online mode to compete with the top racers. Take advantage of the experience learned, as well as the skills of a professional racer. Drift through bends at high speed, increasing vehicle top speed. Do everything you can to beat your opponent in a real-time race. Aim to reach the finish line with the lead to win.Tai Static Shift Racing MOD

Through the game modes of Static Shift Racing, you also have to perform many different tasks, given specific conditions. For example, win against your opponent in a race, customize the mode once, and change the paint color of the car. After each completed mission will receive a reward, depending on the achievement achieved will receive money with the corresponding amount. Then the system will continue to open other tasks to perform. The difficulty has also increased since then, with requirements that are more difficult to complete than before. For example having to become a champion in many competitive races. Or unlock new racing cars and test their performance on the road.

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Name ID Static Shift Racing
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Timbo Jimbo
Size 100MB
New version 59.8.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Nitro
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Update 09/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )