Stick Football 1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Stick Football 1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Stick Football 1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Combine sports and stickman style in a Stick Football game. Open a challenging soccer tournament according to the competition mission. Accompany the football players to participate in the matches. The content is built with a new theme. Instead of leading enough members of a team to compete against the opposing team. Will be optimized and reduced players in the defensive position on the field. Accordingly, recreating situations with the presence of players on the attack. The goal is to shoot the ball into the net to score a goal. From there complete the match and pass the challenge. This game is completely free to play. Especially can be played offline anywhere. Use bright graphics, and combine them to create stickman characters. Help you enjoy the fun football game genre.

Stick Football MOD APK – Lead Players To Score From Free Kick Situations

Come to Stick Football to become a leader of the team. Join the tournament to make accurate shots. Your mission is to lead your team through the defenses of other teams. Rise to the top of glory with the winning cup. Accordingly, you will have to complete many different levels of play. With the difficulty reproduced in free-kick situations. At the same time, the process is divided into two gameplay in its own way. From your team, players can shoot directly into the opponent’s goal. Or add a pass for teammates, before finishing. This will bring a new gaming experience to the football theme. As well as having the opportunity to receive attractive rewards after the matches are over.Stick Football

Many levels, and different difficulty

Follow Stick Football ‘s offline game mode. Open a diverse mission system, with many different levels of play. Each free-kick situation on the field will correspond to a level. Your task is to lead the player to take the correct free kick to score. The goal reaches the goal score condition required by the system. From there complete the mission to finish a level. Depending on the achievement and difficulty of the mission will receive appropriate rewards. After that will continue to a new level, and the free-kick situation will be changed. At the same time, the difficulty of each level is evaluated in ascending order. From beginner, to intermediate to advanced. That will bring certain difficulties that need to be overcome. Requires your skill and experience to lead the players to score.Game Stick Football

Gameplay, rules, and difficulty

The process of taking place free kick situations on the football field at Stick Football. To win, you need to score 3 goals against the opposing team. With a limited number of free kicks, after the end of the match. Failure to meet the scoring condition will cause the mission to fail. That means having to replay that level until it’s done. The difficulty in each situation is not only the goalkeeper guarding the goal. But also from the opposing team’s defense. They are all players trained to create a goal-defense strategy. Will block the ball from the free-kick position. Make it difficult for you to overcome. Show off the experience of a coach. Accompany the player to create a technical pass or kick the ball. Score each goal in turn and complete the mission.Tai Stick Football

Strategy and experience, constantly improving

It can be said that skill and experience are two very important factors in Stick Football. Decide on the outcome of the match. With the role of a coach, who also takes the shot. It is necessary to observe the position of the ball on the field, in many different free-kick situations. Along with the position teammates are standing and the players defending the opposing team. From there draw a line to shoot the ball toward the goal for the player to kick the free kick correctly. Or if it is too difficult, you can pass the ball to a teammate. Immediately after that shot to score the goal, breaking through their defense and goalkeeper. From there will win with excellent achievements. But need to improve experience and tactics. Because the difficulty is constantly increasing, their defense will improve.Download Stick Football

Although it is a game that is experienced in offline mode. But to bring interesting gameplay when joining Stick Football. The publisher has used vivid 3D-style graphics. With a combination of bright color systems. Let’s create the shape of the stickman-style players. Recreate the action of kicking the ball and playing very fun. At the same time, it also simulates the environment of the ancient yard very impressive. As well as the motion effects of each player when moving and shooting the ball.

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Name ID Stick Football
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rubick Games
Size 33MB
New version 1.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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