Street Chaser 6.1.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of keys money coins everything]
Street Chaser 6.1.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of keys money coins everything]

Street Chaser 6.1.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of keys money coins everything]

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Can you catch the street robbers? Help a friend who was robbed by a thief in the game Street Chaser. This is an action game designed with arcade gameplay. Open up a challenging racing journey. With the task of dodging obstacles. Take advantage of the objects that appear on the way to attack. Aim to reduce their stamina to quickly catch them. From there, get your friend’s items back and complete the quest. This game is engaged in many different modes. You can choose to perform tasks on a daily basis. Or compete with online players. Moreover, there are many characters to choose from. Also, have the opportunity to enjoy realistic and sharp 3D graphics.

Street Chaser MOD APK – Chase and Action to Catch Robbers on the Road

Street Chaser ‘s scene gameplay is designed in the style of racing combined with action. According to the mechanism of dodging obstacles, attack with a kick-and-throw action. Incorporating automatic forward running mechanism. Also will change direction and turn according to the robber. To be able to control the character during the race. You will use the intuitive control system provided by the game. Accordingly, tap and swipe to jump up, slide down, or switch to the left and right lanes. Besides, relying on the objects that appear on the road. When running over, the character will automatically pick up to throw and shoot, thereby attacking the bandit running in front.Street Chaser

Story mode quests

Take on the quest to catch robbers according to the story mode of Street Chaser. System of tasks divided into each day. Each day opens a race and presents a condition that must be fulfilled. Accordingly, you will have to catch the robber by chasing them on the road. Avoid traps and dangerous obstacles. For example wormholes, rocks, exploding bombs, tires, barriers, etc. At the same time attack them by taking advantage of objects on the road. Examples include kicking a ball, kicking a basketball, throwing a water bottle, and many more. The goal is to quickly catch the robber and get the item back to the friend.

After finishing the race, meet the requirements given in one day. From there will complete the task to receive the reward corresponding to the date of participation. Moreover, there is a chance to receive lucky spins and lives. Depending on the difficulty of each task in each day. Complete the tasks in the following days, will receive a larger reward.Game Street Chaser

The challenge will increase day by day

Every time start a new quest on the next day in Street Chaser. The difficulty will increase with other given conditions first. As well as the bandit’s physical strength is superior, causing you to run longer distances to be able to catch it. That will make you face many dangers along the way. Not only the number of obstacles appeared scattered and increased. Fitness is also reduced with distance and running time. Will even run out before the robber is caught. This means the mission failed.

Lots of different missions on the day. For example, kick 15 times, kick 40 times, and run a distance of 1050 meters. Complete the robbery mission, successfully jump 42 times, and finish the challenge within the time limit. There are many other quests that will open in the following days.Tai Street Chaser

Online mode and endless running

Besides the task of catching robbers according to the daily mode. The Street Chaser game also opens two other modes. Includes online multiplayer mode and endless running mode. Each mode will have its own content, as well as different racing themes. If you want to be competing with real players. Can come to online mode to compete with 8 other opponents on the road. Achievement will be based on each person’s rank after reaching the finish line. Accordingly, to win will have to finish with the top position. At the same time collect a large number of gold coins that appear along the running track.Download Street Chaser

Modified MOD information of Street Chaser

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of keys
  • Huge Amount Of Money coins
  • Huge Amount Of everything

In the endless running mode of the game Street Chaser. There will be no end to getting the item back to the friend. Because you will have to catch all the bandits on the way. After successfully catching one, he will throw the bag out of his hand. But before he could get it back, another robber ran over and took it away. At this point, the race will continue to chase. But your fitness will not be restored. Will remain in the previous run. Maintenance can only rely on first aid boxes collected on the road. Here you can earn more coins by running and chasing robbers.

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Name ID Street Chaser
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher iGold Technologies
Size 99MB
New version 6.1.5
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited keys money coins everything
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )