Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games {{version}} APK MOD (Dumb Bot)
Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games {{version}} APK MOD (Dumb Bot)

Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games 7.4.5 APK MOD (Dumb Bot)

By The Toan - 23/12/2023 (2 months ago) - 65MB
Name Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games
Updated On 23/12/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fighting Arena
Size 65MB
Version 7.4.5
MOD Features Dumb Bot
Update 23/12/2023 (2 months ago )

Open up an extremely attractive street fight. Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games game is combined with many elements. Between ninja fights, street attacks, and karate-style actions. This is a game that blends classic combat and technical competition. Allows you to combine attacks from hands and feet flexibly. Take the ultimate and professional strike action in every fight. The goal is to defeat all enemies to win. From there complete the mission and overcome the challenge. This game is experienced in offline and online modes. Diverse gameplay with different rules. Help everyone enjoy their leisure time. Enjoy the vivid space with sharp 3D graphics.

Download Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games – Street Ninja Battle With Multi-Catholic Fighting Actions

Prove your skills in the matches of Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games. Role-play as a shadow ninja to participate in the battles. Compete with opponents in an arena. Through that to constantly gain more experience. Train combat skills to increase flexibility and agility. Can fight many powerful enemies in mortal battles. Killing all and wiping out enemies will increase the rank. Win convincingly to demonstrate strength. As well as accomplishing your goals. Through the matches that take place, will have to confront many enemies. These are samurai warriors, assassin ninjas, street criminals, and karate masters. To defeat them will be a challenging process.Street Fight- Beat Em Up Games

Story mode

Experience the game Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games in offline mode. Completely free to play after downloading. Here will participate in story-based battles. With matches taking place in each increasing level. The task of defeating each opponent in the arena. With the versatile attack skills of a shadow ninja. From there win to complete the mission. Then continue the fight in the next levels. The challenges that will be faced also increase from there. Will face many different enemies in difficult battles. Their abilities have also improved beyond before. From the style of attack, defense and agility when performing attacks. You can lose your life if you can’t defeat them.Game Street Fight- Beat Em Up Games

Online mode

In addition to the story mode, street battles take place at each level. Can participate in the online mode of Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games. The condition requires connecting to the network for the host system to control. From there arranged randomly, giving you a chance to compete with online competitors. Through this mode will be able to meet many players around the globe. Join them in the dramatic competition. Each person will use attack skills in their own style. Fight against each other in a fierce rivalry. The main goal is to beat the opponent to find the winner. Beat each opponent in turn in online battles. You and the other players will have a chance to get on the leaderboard.Tai Street Fight- Beat Em Up Games

Get rewarded for customization, many characters

No matter what mode you participate in Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games. All have the opportunity to receive rewards after the end of a match. Based on the achievement achieved will receive the corresponding loot. It is possible to use them to enhance the strength of the ninja hero. Or customize to change the style in a unique way. As well as upgrades to improve skills. To deal massive damage when attacking enemies in subsequent battles. Besides, the game has many different characters to be able to role-play. Each one is designed with an impressive appearance. As well as possessing its own skills and attacks. Help you enjoy, and diversify fighting styles.Download Street Fight- Beat Em Up Games

Build high-quality graphics in the game Street Fight: Beat Em Up Games. With a true experience of the surrounding environment. As well as the creation of diverse characters, with their own style. Flexible movements in battles, from moving to performing skills. Moreover, the image quality will be reproduced as 3D graphics. Carefully designed and meticulously crafted. Along with that is the realistic sound effects. Based on each activity taking place in the arena. From hits and perform heroic fighting actions. From there, the sound will be flexibly changed to suit the situation.