Stupid Zombies 2 MOD APK 1.7.5 (Unlimited Stars, Unlock, Remove Ads)
Stupid Zombies 2 MOD APK 1.7.5 (Unlimited Stars, Unlock, Remove Ads)

Stupid Zombies 2 MOD APK 1.7.5 (Unlimited Stars, Unlock, Remove Ads)

By HN - 17/06/2023
Name Stupid Zombies 2
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GameResort
MOD Features Unlimited Stars, Unlock, Remove Ads
Size 50MB
Version 1.7.5
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 17/06/2023 (6 months ago )

Stupid Zombies 2 is a puzzle game with realistic physics. This is the second installment in the puzzle game series from developer GameResort. There are many new features added here, as well as improvements to old content to provide a better experience for players. Accordingly, many new creatures appear, and they are also equipped with weapons. Besides, there are many simulated environments in different contexts. To increase the appeal, the game’s graphics have been improved compared to the previous version. With unique picture quality and realistic sound effects reproduction. Besides, the control mechanism is designed intuitively. Bring ease of use for players when participating in the game.

Download Stupid Zombies 2 – Shooting Killing Zombies According to Puzzle Physics

Based on the physical shooting mechanism that takes place during the game. Accompany the character using the equipped gun to adjust the angle of the shot. After pulling the trigger the bullet will fly in the specified line. But then when it hits a wall or terrain, the trajectory of the bullet will change. Now can continue to attack the enemy if the projectile passes through. Accordingly, with just one shot, many enemies can be defeated. Besides, based on the physical shooting mechanism taking place. You are supported by the center of the gun and the line to be able to aim more accurately. From there, it will be easy to adjust the appropriate angle and attack to destroy many targets in one shot.Stupid Zombies 2 MOD

More than 600 levels by day

Based on the content of the game perform missions according to the story. The system unlocks more than 600 puzzle shooting levels. Each level corresponds to a day, which takes place in a uniquely simulated environment. Accordingly, the character armed with a gun stands at a random position and cannot move. Along with that is the appearance of other scary zombies and enemies with different numbers. With a limited amount of ammo to use in a day, your mission is to shoot down all enemies. From there it is possible to complete a level and receive rewards based on achievements.Game Stupid Zombies 2 MOD

The challenge increases when reaching new levels

Continue the journey when coming to the new level of Stupid Zombies 2. The difficulty will increase with many challenges waiting ahead. But besides that, there will be many changing factors to make it difficult for you to overcome. Expressed through the combat environment with the appearance of obstacles that hinder. Additionally, the number of enemies to destroy on the map will increase. Moreover, entering the following days, the enemy is still moving instead of being motionless in the same position as before. This will make it difficult for you to determine the angle of the shot to destroy. But at the same time, the reward received after completion is also increased by a larger amount than before.Tai Stupid Zombies 2 MOD

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

In each level shoot according to the puzzle gameplay of the game. Achievements will be expressed through the number of stars, if completed excellently, you can reach a maximum of 3 stars. Accordingly, each star will correspond to the number of points achieved in the shooting process. Through your number of shots to attack the enemy, if you kill many arrows in one turn, you will get a higher score. Also completing the mission with the least number of times possible will achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars. Based on that, leads will be accumulated until the conditions are met to unlock the new environment.

Various environments

Complete each puzzle shooting level in the game in turn. From there, you will accumulate gold stars to unlock many new environments. These can be mentioned as laboratory environments, sand dunes, night forests, and winter environments. Each place is simulated with a different landscape. But besides that, it should be noted, the appearance of new obstacles can cause obstacles. The environments are just background scenes, helping to change the combat atmosphere and not affecting your shooting process.Download Stupid Zombies 2 MOD

Through the environments in the game, Stupid Zombies 2 will face many different enemies. They are scary zombies with unique appearances and gore styles. In winter environments, for example, zombies wear red beanie hats or use skateboards. The night environment has the appearance of zombies with clown faces and the ability to climb. Or old zombies are appearing in levels in multiple environments. They can be stationary or moving.

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