Sultan: The Game 1.09 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Sultan: The Game 1.09 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Sultan: The Game 1.09 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Are you ready to enter the fighting-style matches? Perform boxing action sequences. Especially enjoy the series of missions following the story of an Indian boxer. Through the game Sultan: The Game role-play as a martial artist. This is an iconic character of Bollywood movies. It is Sultan Ali Khan a monument loved by the people. Through it will learn about his life. On the way to becoming a professional boxer, he had to go through countless fights. Accordingly, each match will be recreated according to each level. Will have to compete with many different opponents on the platform. Even more interesting, is when the game’s graphics have a vivid cinematic style.

Sultan: The Game MOD APK – Boxing Matches of Boxer Sultan Ali Khan

Similar to the games with boxing content in the ring. The gameplay of Sultan: The Game is also the same. The mission will follow the story of becoming professional boxer of Sultan Ali Khan. According to the competition mechanism of the game in each competition in the ring. Indian boxers will have to compete with opponents to classify winners and losers. Through a single-round fight until exhausted. Perform the typical techniques of the sport of boxing to attack. The goal is to defeat the opponent on the platform. In front of a crowd of fans cheering around and winning.Sultan- The Game

Match by level

As introduced about the quest system of Sultan: The Game. Matches are played by level of play. This corresponds to each fight in the ring that Sultan Ali Khan experienced. Accordingly, facing many different opponents. They are professional boxers. Controlled by AI intelligent system. Ability to be flexible in the process of attack and defense. Accompany the character in the game to perform missions. You need to beat your opponent by exhausting them. No longer able to continue the match to finish a level. Win convincingly for a bonus.Game Sultan- The Game

Achievements rated by the number of stars

At each level participate in the game Sultan: The Game. There will be different requirements. At the same time, the achievement will be evaluated by the number of stars. Based on each condition will correspond to one star. A level can reach a maximum of 3 stars, which means that 3 requirements need to be completed. For example, end the match when the character has at least 60% health or more. A mandatory win against a boxing opponent. More will be unlocked after each subsequent level.Download Sultan- The Game

Difficult challenge

The difficulty of the game also increases every time a new match is started in Sultan: The Game. That will bring more difficult challenges than before. Shown through the opponent’s performance improved by AI. Can fight more flexibly in the ring. At the same time, the strength indicators are increased to outperform before. As well as the required conditions to achieve the number of stars is also higher. Make it hard for you to win with the maximum number of stars for excellent achievement.

Moreover, the rules of the match later also changed. A match will have more innings. For example, in the first stage, there is only one round to classify winners and losers. But after that need to play a maximum of 3 rounds. The boxer who defeats his opponent in 2 rounds wins.

Martial Artist’s Abilities

The strength of a martial artist in Sultan: The Game is shown through 3 stats. The character Sultan Ali Khan is no exception. Including strength, defense, and health. Each stat plays a very important role in the course of combat. For example, a greater power will create more damage every time the attack hits an opponent. A large amount of health and defense can withstand the boxing hits inflicted by the opponent. That will increase the win rate higher. For a chance to beat the opponents in the later levels. It is necessary to upgrade all 3 stats to improve the fighting power of the boxer.Tai Sultan- The Game

The matches in Sultan: The Game follow the mechanism of boxing competition. Therefore, the boxer will perform the attacks with his hands. Examples include straight punches, hook punches, horizontal punches, and many more. In particular, it can also be combined with legs to perform kicks and tiles. Thereby dealing damage to the opponent to make them reduce a large amount of health. Accordingly, it must also be combined with your control skills. Flexible use of each operation and combine smoothly. Beat your opponent to win.

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Name ID Sultan: The Game
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 99Games
Size 40MB
New version 1.09
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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