Super Cloner 3D 1.6.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Super Cloner 3D 1.6.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Super Cloner 3D 1.6.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Get ready for combat missions in Super Cloner 3D. Through the single-player action game, which is completely free to play. Test a hero’s skills by overcoming challenges. Here, the content revolves around the hero shaped in the black sphere style. With the ability to enter the enemy and control their actions. Perform combat missions to destroy all enemies. Combined offline gameplay is used for easy access. Make it easy for everyone to experience it as soon as it’s downloaded. Along with that are the weapons used to attack. Through the action of controlling opponents to use your own weapons. At the same time will have to fight dangerous bosses. They usually appear at certain levels.

Description about Super Cloner 3D MOD APK – Attack Enemies To Overcome Challenges

You are confident enough to start the journey to conquer the challenges in Super Cloner 3D. Become the most powerful hero, capable of overcoming all difficulties. On long roads with many dangerous enemies. Along with obstacles that hinder the movement. There is no other choice but to fight to complete the challenge. Only when killing all enemies can the mission be completed. At the same time, that will help the hero become stronger and stronger. Based on the action-combat gameplay, taking place in offline mode. There will be no support from other players. There are also no companions for the duration of the mission. Instead can only be alone to overcome dangerous challenges.Game Super Cloner 3D

Diverse missions, increasing difficulty level

Based on the story of a hero in the form of a black sphere in Super Cloner 3D. The mission is designed to be very diverse, divided into each level. Open wars with the goal of wiping out the enemy. Through the act of attacking in silence. Or enter the enemy and control them to fight with other members. By using equipped weapons to diversify the gameplay. Also after each kills the enemy in a level. They will drop gold coins for you to collect. Accumulate a large amount after completing many challenges. The difficulty of the game also constantly increases every time a new mission is started. Not only the number of enemies to kill will be larger than before. The terrain and environment are also changed more complicatedly.Ear Super Cloner 3D

Many traps, against bosses

To be able to stop the hero’s progress in Super Cloner 3D. The enemy has equipped dangerous traps. Along with the terrain is changed, more and more complex. At the same time, they create obstacles in the terrain in their own unique style. Equipped with more modern and advanced weapons. For example, a rifle with the advantage of firing from a distance. But only when moving into the field of view, the enemy will attack. Moreover, sometimes in certain battles of certain levels of play. Heroes will have to fight against dangerous bosses. Possesses superior power parameters. Shown by the ability to attack with high damage. Huge amount of health and solid armor, making it difficult for you to defeat.Super Cloner 3D

Diverse weapon collection

Heroes in Super Cloner 3D can diversify fighting styles. Through a huge arsenal of weapons that are unlocked one after another over time. Typical are swords, daggers, freezing guns, and boxing gloves. There are many other weapons that will be provided by the system. Each type will bring its own unique attack method. For example, using a sword can quickly assassinate enemies. The freeze gun will cause the enemy to be hit to crumble to pieces. As can be seen, each weapon is designed with impressive abilities. Equipping will help the hero possess great power. Face the enemies that stand in the way and the appearance of the boss. Enter and control an enemy and choose the right weapon. From there fight your way, wipe them all out, and complete the mission.Download Super Cloner 3D

Pass each mission in Super Cloner 3D in turn. Will accumulate a large number of bonuses for trading use. More specifically, there will be some exciting bonus play levels. When participating, there will be no battles between heroes and enemies. Instead will perform skills to collect as many gold coins as possible. At the same time through the levels, the play is completed. There will be a chance to unlock many parts of the rocket. After collecting and matching enough, create a complete rocket. Successfully launched into the air will receive a large number of attractive rewards.

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Name ID Super Cloner 3D
Updated On 25/05/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 161MB
New version 1.6.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 25/05/2024 (2 days ago )