Survival Master 3D 1.9.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrade, Character Unlock]

Survival Master 3D 1.9.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrade, Character Unlock]

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Survival Master 3D 1.9.0 APK MOD [Free Upgrade, Character Unlock]

On a deserted island, what will you have to do to survive? Want to test your survival skills in extreme environmental conditions? Can come to the game Survival Master 3D to enjoy the gameplay. Get ready for a challenging adventure. With a combination of active elements to open up many different jobs. Save yourself through hunting and foraging. Or fight the pirates to protect yourself. Moreover will have to build a safe shelter. Accordingly will require your skills in the activities that take place. Besides, this game is an offline survival game genre. So everything in the process of survival can be done by itself.

Survival Master 3D MOD APK – Wild Island Adventure To Survive

Survival Master 3D opens the scene on a deserted island. For unknown reasons, only after waking up to find me on the island. Surrounded by water surface and can’t see land in the distance. Now alone and without anyone’s support. Along with extreme environmental conditions that change over time. You will have to adapt in order to survive. But with the desire to leave the island as soon as possible. You will have to find a way to survive first because you have to face many dangers that are always lurking. Then collect materials to make a raft and leave the place. However, it will have to go through a long process on the island. With so many different challenges waiting ahead.Survival Master 3D

Daily quests with increasing difficulty

In the harsh environmental conditions on the island of Survival Master 3D. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs to survive. With the task system taking place every day. Each day opens up a challenge to take on. At the same time, each time you pass a task, you will receive the corresponding amount of resources. Continue to participate in the new day survival journey. The difficulty will increase with many variable factors. The game opens a new activity that needs to be completed. Take place in different circumstances and situations. The performance area also changed to a new location. Especially, after completing the work in the following days. The amount of resources received has also increased more than before.Download Survival Master 3D

The process of performing the task

Start the survival mission from the first day of Survival Master 3D. You will have to use the ax to chop firewood. Then use the ancient method of creating fire. Use a small wooden stick to rotate, and successfully light a fire to complete the challenge. Continue to the second day to search for food. Swipe a small tree with a sharp tip to catch fish. Then put the fish on a burning fire to cook. From there will complete work to test my skills on the third day. The mission uses the stones to arrange them into an SOS word for help. At the same time use the ax to cut wood. Then create a small tent and shelter in the heavy rain. Continue working in the following days with the desire to adapt and find a way to leave.Game Survival Master 3D

Unlock many things, upgrade

In addition to the wood resources received after completing the daily quest. There will be a chance to unlock many other items. They can be used to perform survival on the deserted island of Survival Master 3D. For example fish, hut, sword, stones, and more. In particular, each item is received after overcoming the challenge of each day. They are all items to be used the next day. Besides, combined with the number of accumulated wood resources. Can be used to upgrade anything you’ve built. The example from the hut can be improved into a more solid wooden house. Or bonfires are used to warm and roast raw foods. Can be upgraded to a boiling stove.Tai Survival Master 3D

In addition to hunting and building activities for survival Survival Master 3D. Sometimes will have to participate in battles with pirates. When they appear on the island, there will be no better choice but to attack. Because only when defeating pirates can survive. Use equipped weapons to fight. Through the drawing mechanism perform attack actions according to your movements. Accordingly, any figure can be created. But it is necessary to ensure accurate attack to deal damage to the enemy. After defeating the pirate to win. Will continue the mission of survival on the deserted island.

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Name ID Survival Master 3D
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 87MB
New version 1.9.0
MOD Info Free Upgrade, Unlock Characters
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Update 08/07/2024 (2 weeks ago )