Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod Hack APK 0.0.616 (Menu, Max Level, Money, Free Craft)
Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod Hack APK 0.0.616 (Menu, Max Level, Money, Free Craft)

Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod Hack APK 0.0.616 (Menu, Max Level, Money, Free Craft)

By HN - 01/12/2022
Name LMHMOD Survivalist: invasion PRO
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Sensuality Games
MOD Features Menu, Max Level, Money, Free Craft
Size 442MB
Version 0.0.616
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Update 01/12/2022 (4 months ago )

Explore a vast world in Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. Set on an island with lots of dangers. Your mission is to accompany the character in the game. Find a way to survive against other enemies, against the onslaught of zombies. At the same time protect the house for shelter. According to the survival gameplay, combined with action-adventure elements. Open up a journey with countless difficult challenges waiting ahead. Through the adventure will be a deeper understanding of the game content. At the same time, you can explore many different places on the island. Learn about hidden mysteries. Moreover, you will encounter a lot of events and activities that used to take place on the island.

Download Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod – Survival On The Big Island Before Dangers

The story of Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod unfolds after a plane crash. You wake up and find yourself on an island. The location and location are unknown, only known that this place is located in the distant ocean. After living for a while, you realize this island is not just for the locals. It is also a place where scary zombies live. They evolved after the previous survivors died. Moreover, there are the appearance of dangerous bosses—even mutated animals. The zombies are just the tip of the island, there are many other dangers waiting ahead. To be able to survive and defend yourself against any challenge. You will have to do a lot of different jobs.Survivalist- invasion PRO Mod

Explore more than 30 locations

Get ready for an island adventure in Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. There will be opportunities to explore more than 30 different locations. For example, an empty military base, a house, or an abandoned shelter. Moreover, the hospital is horrified by corpses being covered with flies. Or in the jungle, on the desolate lands. More locations will be discovered over time.

Unlock chests to get equipment and items

Explore each location in turn to survive. You will find many different items. Along with equipment to use for yourself. Through chests, vaults, and more. After unlocking will receive weapons and tools. Each type will bring a unique ability when used. For example, weapons such as swords, guns, and crossbows will attack to deal damage, to destroy enemies. Tools and items will restore color and energy for health. Help you continue the adventure after a long time of activity.Game Survivalist- invasion PRO Mod

Collect resources note the stats

Resources are one of the elements that need to be collected in Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. Through the adventure will find a lot of different resources. Examples are wood, stone, and metal. They appear at various locations on the island. To collect usable tools, chopping down the tree trunks will help you get wood. Likewise, stone and metal must also accumulate to be used in construction work.

Besides finding resources to use. It is necessary to pay attention to 3 different stats of the character. Includes blood, food, and water. Each stat affects the character’s activity during the adventure. For example, the amount of health will be reduced after going through battles with zombies. Or food and water will decrease over time. This will cause health to fall and be ineffective. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the above indicators and use items to recover when necessary. Make sure not to let any stats get depleted.Tai Survivalist- Invasion PRO Mod

Build houses and upgrade

At Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod when night falls is the most active time for zombies. At this point, you need to have a safe haven. Therefore, it will have to build the house and upgrade the defense system. The resources you earn can be used to build and design the way you want. Also set traps, and attack towers to increase defense. Make your house solid and solid after attacks from zombies and enemies.Download Survivalist- invasion PRO Mod

On the vast island of Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. Moving between locations will take a long time. To shorten the time it is possible to build vehicles. Through the collection of parts to build the car and use. Includes handlebars, front bumper, engine, fuel line, bearings, screws, tires, and more. When collecting enough parts to merge together. From there you will own a vehicle, which will move faster. It can also be used to run away from the chase from zombies.

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