The Catapult: Stickman Pirates 1.7.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]
The Catapult: Stickman Pirates 1.7.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]

The Catapult: Stickman Pirates 1.7.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]

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Stop the attack from pirates in the game The Catapult: Stickman Pirates. According to the action gameplay combined shooting takes place. The content revolves around the defense of the stickman’s stronghold. Through the operation control the catapult attack the enemy. They are stickman pirates armed with weapons. Move by boat on the sea to go to destroy the citadel. To be able to block attacks from the enemy will have no choice but to attack. Combine strategy, thinking, and skills to shoot down each enemy in turn. Only by destroying them all and not leaving them alive can you protect your stronghold. From there, complete the assigned tasks and receive rewards.

The Catapult: Stickman Pirates MOD APK – Prevent Attacks From Pirates To Protect The Tower

Build unique 2D-based graphics. Use realistic effects to bring a great experience to players. With animations based on a physical system. Expressed through factors such as the movement of water, destruction, and interactions between objects. For example, after the catapult hits an enemy boat, it will be destroyed and gradually sink into the sea. Besides, the image quality of the game, although it is 2D, is reproduced sharply. Incorporate a bright color system to simulate the landscape and surroundings. Along with that is the sound shown through the cry of the enemy when destroyed. Or the sound of the catapult is reproduced when in use.The Catapult- Stickman Pirates MOD

Defend the city every day

Based on the content of the game to perform tasks in each day. Open up the battle style of city defense at sea. On each day takes place an attack from the stickman pirates. They split into waves and enter your stronghold. Stand on top of the citadel and use the equipped catapult. From there adjust the firing angle and force to shoot rocks towards the enemy. Hit the target to make them sink into the sea. Block each wave in turn until all are destroyed. From there will complete the task in one day. Then based on the achievements achieved, expressed in the number of kicks, the number of enemies killed, and the percentage of accurate shots. Thereby will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount.Game The Catapult- Stickman Pirates MOD

Difficult task

The difficulty of the mission in The Catapult: Stickman Pirates will increase when the next day comes. With many changes, the defense battle will become more and more fierce. Accordingly, the pirates will divide into several waves of attacks. At the same time, they were reinforced with many new forces. As well as boat use at sea is improved. It is even possible to use other types of vehicles to attack. In particular, their firepower is enhanced, able to attack more fiercely than before.Tai The Catapult- Stickman Pirates MOD

Physical stone shooting

The process of using catapults to attack the oncoming pirate force. You need to be aware of the angle adjustment, which needs to be accurate to be able to hit the enemy. At the same time, the stone that is fired can physically affect the enemy’s firepower. It causes destruction and cannot inflict damage on enemies that turn. For example, after shooting rocks and colliding with arrows or pirate cannons. At this time, the two firepowers will interact and be destroyed in the air.

Face many pirates

Through city defense matches. Will face many different pirate units. Examples include archers, gunners, flamethrowers, and more. They use boats to float on the surface of the sea and enter. But later on, you can also use hot air balloons to fly in the sky. It can then drag several units of soldiers or even a warship. Each pirate will attack in his own way. At the same time, depending on the means used by them, different strategies are needed to destroy and destroy.Download The Catapult- Stickman Pirates MOD

Face fierce attacks from many pirates at The Catapult: Stickman Pirates. It is necessary to use the collected gold coins to upgrade the defense towers and catapults. Accordingly, improve the tower with the ability to be more solid with construction materials. For example, starting from a wooden tower, and later upgrading to a stone tower. Also, upgrade the catapult to increase the number of stones fired in each attack. In addition, it must be combined with special skills. For example, use a rain of fire, an energy shield, or a lightning-generating cloud to aid in defense.

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Name ID The Catapult: Stickman Pirates
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher BYV
Size 63MB
New version 1.7.7
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 months ago )