The Ghost 1.37.2 APK MOD [Ghost NoAttack, Full Battery, Unlocked Outfits]
The Ghost 1.37.2 APK MOD [Ghost NoAttack, Full Battery, Unlocked Outfits]

The Ghost 1.37.2 APK MOD [Ghost NoAttack, Full Battery, Unlocked Outfits]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)

Join the action horror game titled The Ghost. Follow the survival adventure mechanics to perform different missions. Here the game is set in two locations, a school, and a hospital. Each location has its own story. It’s up to you to start an adventure in your favorite place. Even more interesting when you are not the only one in existence. Can join other players in a journey of up to 5 people. Simultaneously divided into two factions to perform tasks according to their own roles. That process will take place in an open mechanism. In a dark space with scary images. Along with the sudden action will add excitement, but also full of fear.

Description about The Ghost MOD APK – Action Adventure With Horror Elements

Based on the content of the game to perform the task. Follow the online multiplayer mode with the presence of every player around the world. The system requires a network connection to participate. Accordingly, you can choose a location you want. Then create a room to invite friends or other players. Or maybe through a list of rooms created by someone else. It is possible to track the number of people currently in the room and apply to join. When 5 players will start to enter the horror-filled survival adventure. The system will divide different roles and need to follow. Promises to bring exciting and scary experiences during the game.The Ghost MOD

Hospital story

Explore the story in the hospital. You are treated every day with many others at New Wishlie Hospital. After nearly 2 weeks of being treated and treated, I have been discharged from the hospital today. But something unexpected happened on our last night here. Suddenly waking up at 2 am, everyone in the hospital disappeared for unknown reasons. Only one friend left. At the same time, the locations in the rooms were disturbed. Making this place seem like an abandoned place, no one has come for a long time. After a short time learning and knowing information in the press. This place is a haunted hospital because people die in scary ways. Now you will have to find a way to escape with your friend.The Ghost MOD

School story

Learn about the story at school. Revolving around two characters Emily and Leila. They are two close friends, living together in a town that is mostly uninhabited. On a Sunday, two people often go to the cemetery to visit their deceased loved ones. But this time Emily had a bad feeling so she decided to stay at home. True to her hunch, Emily looked out the window and saw a strange creature following Leila. The next day, Leila still did not return. Emily went looking and ran to the school to see if her friend was there. But after entering the schoolyard, the gate was automatically locked. Next is the appearance of terrifying creatures, which will have to find a way to survive.Download The Ghost MOD

Quests of Survivors and Seekers

After choosing a location to start the horror adventure. With the participation of up to 5 players. The system will divide into 2 factions, including survivors and fearsome seekers. Accordingly, if you become a survivor, you will have to find a way to escape from the location where you are trapped. Can freely move without limit in a large area. But beware and beware of those looking for it. Because they have the ability to attack and target all living people. In the process, there will be limited visibility, only a flashlight illuminates. Requires your skill and thinking, don’t make loud noises. As well as finding useful objects and protecting yourself. Aim to escape the location quickly to successfully survive.Game The Ghost MOD

If you become a fearsome seeker in the game The Ghost. You will play as a ghost with the task of finding survivors. The goal is to kill them all and not let any survivors leave. Accordingly, there will be no danger to face. Because you are the biggest fear for others. But to be able to find and kill them will not be easy. Because each person has their own thinking and survival skills. To find them all will take a lot of time, while you are alone.

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Name ID The Ghost - Survival Horror
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Gameplier
Size 395MB
New version 1.37.2
MOD Info Ghost NoAttack, Full Pin, Unlocked Costume
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )