The Killbox: Arena Combat 1.1.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]
The Killbox: Arena Combat 1.1.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]

The Killbox: Arena Combat 1.1.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]

By The Toan - (Period 1 year ago)

The Killbox: Arena Combat is available in English for all gamers worldwide. It is one of the most exciting new generation battle royale games on mobile. If you love the online survival theme then don’t hesitate to download it now. This game will bring you to the actual arena with new battle rules. There are dozens of modes and a diverse ranking system to explore and score achievements. Moreover, the game also has a series of unique events with great rewards. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you and create trophies together. This game is now available and free here for you.

The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK – Online FPS game with high-end graphics

This game is built in the style of a first-person shooter [FPS]. Of course, it takes place in online mode and allows for real multiplayer connections. Although released a long time ago, through many updates, this game is increasingly new and modern. It’s often seen bringing in new weapons, map updates, and the ranking system. Moreover, the graphics quality of the game is getting better and better, contributing to upgrading your experience. Are these impressive points enough to make you satisfied? Don’t hesitate to jump right into your first match after downloading the game.


Various modes to explore

Just like many other battle royale games on the market, this game has many unique game modes. Specifically, it includes Boot Camp, Ranked Play, Battlefield, Guild War, Boss e, and more. Perhaps you are no stranger to these modes, especially Boot Camp. It’s a place where you can play with your friends and compete against other teams to hunt for “kills” within the allowed map limit. Besides, the ranking mode or Battlefield is very familiar to all gamers. It gives you dramatic survival battles against all other players. If you want to form a guild with your friends, you can try the Guild War mode. Finally, Boss e is the place for the battle for survival in the apocalypse. Your enemies are crazy and huge zombies.


Show your bravery on the battlefield

If you have chosen the map you like, now is the time to fight and record your own trophies. On the map, your mission is to kill other people or zombies to become the last survivor. To do this, you need to master all the skills and have a wise strategy. In terms of control mechanism, this game is somewhat simpler than many other games of the same type. You just need to move the character and aim. The firing mechanism will happen automatically when you hit the target. Also, don’t forget to change ammo and use grenades in emergency situations. You can also change guns right on the battlefield.

But mastering skills alone is not enough in The Killbox: Arena Combat. In the fierce online battle for survival, the strategic element is what works to your advantage. You need to coordinate well with your teammates to jointly deploy the battle plan. Besides, you need to know when to attack, when to hide, and conduct a raid campaign. Furthermore, in some time-limited modes, you and your allies must race against the clock. There won’t be too much time for procrastination. You must be aggressive on the battlefield if you want to win more “kills” than your opponent. Take advantage of the integrated minimap to choose the right direction to move.


Weapon and map system

You can find in this game many popular weapons. These include pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, and even remote-controlled robots. Choose the right weapons and bring them into the battlefield. You can alternately use different weapons depending on the battle situation. In addition, there is a map system with many different options. You can play in the factory area, castle, town, warehouse, and more. Each map is designed with a different context, terrain, and style. Do not hesitate to explore all maps to feel the difference.


Modern design, lively sound

This game impresses with a realistic 3D graphics style. It is designed with a modern style and great creativity. In particular, the game map is described very meticulously with large constructions, diverse terrain, and high definition. Moreover, the character images, weapons, and many other details are equally realistic. The shooting effects are described quite vividly. Accompanied by realistic sounds, it provides a great immersive feeling. Those are the important highlights of this game.

Modified MOD information of The Killbox: Arena Combat

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money

So, if you are a fan of the battle royale series, don’t miss The Killbox: Arena Combat. This game promises to make you satisfied with many outstanding features. You can play with friends, form guilds, compete against leaderboards, and more. There are many maps to choose from and many powerful weapons that you should not miss. Choose what’s right for you and enjoy the battles.

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Updated On 16/05/2023
Requires Android 4.1
Size 436MB
New version 1.1.7
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money
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