Thetan Arena Mod Hack APK 360 (Map Hack)
Thetan Arena Mod Hack APK 360 (Map Hack)

Thetan Arena Mod Hack APK 360 (Map Hack)

By HN - 20/12/2022
Name LMHMOD Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Wolffun Pte Ltd
MOD Features Map Hack
Size 153MB
Version 360
Category Casual
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 20/12/2022 (3 months ago )

Fight opponents in the competitive Thetan Arena Mod. With gameplay built in MOBA style. Open epic matches in many different modes. From there will learn about the strength of the heroes. As well as demonstrate your skills in the process. Moreover, this game is experienced in online and offline modes. Give people many interesting features. It is also completely free to play. Moreover, promises to bring exciting battles. There will be new updates every month. Along with many different events are opened. Typical as a campaign, competitive leaderboard, and battle. Or quests that take place in the guild, revolving around war. Besides, it is also possible to unlock the lock to raise your own pet.

Download Thetan Arena Mod – War Of Heroes MOBA Style

From the information introduced in the game Thetan Arena Mod. The game offers a diverse character system. Includes more than 30 different heroes to play with. Their strength will be shown through battles. Bring your own unique attack and fighting style. Own your own skill set for diverse attacks. Moreover, the difference between each hero is also demonstrated through appearance. The look and the beautiful outfit by design are not the same. To own your favorite hero and role-play. Will need to unlock, it by meeting the required conditions. Besides, their strength will be improved with each level. At the same time, the appearance and appearance are also changed. As well as increasing the ability to fight superior to before.Thetan Arena Mod

Battle royale survival mode

Come to the game Thetan Arena Mod to participate in the battle royale mode. This is a survival mode to find the last survivor. Here, you and your opponents will participate in a battle of up to 42 people. Divided into 21 teams, each team consists of 2 players. After the fight begins, the competition will be fierce and fierce again. With the coordination between the teams according to a unique strategy. Aim to attack and defeat the opposing team. The process takes place on an enlarged map. Unlimited movement, as well as a fighting style. Every player will have to prove their skills. Be the last one standing to win. Then you can end the game and have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. Show off against other opponents, you are a real hero.Game Thetan Arena Mod

Deathmatch mode 4vs4

Follow the Deathmatch mode of the Thetan Arena Mod game. This is a traditional PvP-style game mode. You will join your friends or other players to form a team of 4 heroes. Then join them in real-time combat. Compete against a group of opponents in 4vs4 gameplay. For a maximum of 5 minutes, it takes place in a large arena. The heroes between the two teams will attack each other to demonstrate skills. Kill the target to increase the team’s achievement points. That process, after being killed will respawn from the original spawn point. Can continue to fight with teammates. When the time is up, the countdown to 0. Based on achievement points, expressed in a number of kills. The team with the higher score wins.Tai Thetan Arena Mod

Learn new skills

The process of competitive fighting between heroes in Thetan Arena Mod. In addition to their signature abilities, with skill sets used to attack in their own style. New power-ups are required to create combinations in the arena. To survive against enemies possessing superior abilities. Here, the power is divided into 3 different factors. Includes damage, support, and effects. Accordingly, each element possesses its own unique set of skills. Depending on your playstyle develop the hero. For example, a damage skill will create a large attack power for a short period of time. Support skills will help the hero endure fierce attacks from enemies. Or skill effects, with the advantage of causing status to teammates, opponents, and even yourself.Download Thetan Arena Mod

As can be seen, the Thetan Arena Mod game is provided with many different game modes. In addition to the two modes introduced above. You can also participate in Tower Destroy mode and superstar mode. Each mode will bring new and different content. When participating will open interesting competitive activities. For example, the superstar mode requires searching to collect stars. Accumulate the given amount before the enemy completes. Or the Tower Destroy mode opens up a classic battle in the style of MOBA. Role-playing hero to perform can rush to the enemy and attack, and kill quickly.

Download Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival Hack APK 360 Android

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