Toy Blast MOD APK 13480 (Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters)
Toy Blast MOD APK 13480 (Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters)

Toy Blast MOD APK 13480 (Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters)

By HY - 04/12/2023
Name Toy Blast
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Peak
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters
Size 136MB
Version 13480
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 04/12/2023 (3 days ago )

Toy Blast is a unique and fun puzzle game for mobile phones. Players will immerse themselves in the world of colorful toy blocks and challenge themselves through creative levels. This game has attracted the love of players around the world. In Toy Blast, players will participate in exciting puzzle levels. Your goal is to remove the toy blocks of the same color by connecting at least two blocks of the same color. You will have the opportunity to create powerful combos to clear the level and earn high scores with beautiful graphics, fun sounds, and unlimited levels. Toy Blast gives players an entertaining and challenging experience. This game has created a massive community of players. There is always competition to see who can achieve the highest score and overcome the most difficult levels.

Download Toy Blast – Fun puzzle game

Toy Blast offers a colorful adventure in the world of balls and toys. With colorful graphics and a lovely design, this game captures the interest of players of all ages. Players will participate in various levels. Each level has different challenges and goals. The main task is to connect balls of the same color. Thereby creating fun combos to remove them from the table. This way of solving puzzles requires quick thinking and skillful combination. From there, get a high score and complete the level target. The game has a variety of balls and support items. Toy Blast gives players plenty of creative and tactical opportunities to challenge themselves and go further. Besides, collecting toys and achieving specific goals also creates an exciting and challenging element in the gameplay.

Discover the power of boosters

The booster is one of the unique items in Toy Blast. It helps the player clear multiple balls of the same color in a neighborhood. Players can accumulate energy for boosters When they make strong enough combos or connect enough balls of the same color. When activated, the missile will fly in a specific direction and destroy all balls of the same color in its flight path. The power of the boosters creates the opportunity for mighty destruction. From there, help the player clear the balls and reach the level goal. Using boosters requires thinking and calculation. Because choosing the right flight direction can affect its effectiveness. This creates an element of tactics and discipline in how players use this item.

Interact with friends

Interacting with friends is an extra element of connection in the playing experience. Players have the opportunity to connect with friends through social networking. Or add friends via the in-game friend list. Players can see what level they are at and what results they have achieved. This creates an interesting competitive spirit. You can compare your achievements with your friends. Or even challenge each other to see who completes the level faster or achieves a higher score. In addition, interacting with friends brings other benefits. For example, sending and receiving daily gifts. Gifts may include valuable items. At the same time create more opportunities for players to progress further in the game. The ability to interact with friends in Toy Blast doesn’t just add a social dimension to the play experience. It also brings exciting competition and cooperation. Along with that are valuable rewards for your journey.

Unlock events and earn rewards

Toy Blast often hosts special events. They are time-limited or involve exciting topics. Players have the opportunity to participate in these events. You will often have to take on unique and challenging quests. It is different from the usual way of playing. This may include completing several levels in a short time. Achieve specific goals or participate in special activities. Unlock events and earn rewards that give players new excitement and challenge. Also, help them accumulate more items and coins in the game. Rewards can include helpful items. Coins to buy items in the shop. Or even unique perks.

Toy Blast has created an immersive puzzle experience. Players enter a colorful world of toys and balls with simple but addictive gameplay mechanics. This game is suitable for all ages, from children to adults. You can both relax, entertain and improve your thinking ability. Toy Blast is an option worth considering for all puzzle lovers. Let’s explore with MODLMH your ability to conquer this game world today.

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