Truck Wars 0.58 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Truck Wars 0.58 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Truck Wars 0.58 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Would you like to be able to manually assemble the parts to create a truck? Then join the match to test their abilities. By destroying the opponent’s vehicle on the competitive map. Win convincingly against challenges in Truck Wars. This is a fun entertaining game. Mixed manufacturing and competition. Show your creativity in truck assembly. By confronting rival vehicles by directly crashing into each other. From there test your ability to overcome opponents and survive. Accordingly, when participating will enjoy many unique features. Hundreds of parts to explore. The same many modules are used to attack. Especially having to compete with many different competitors.

Truck Wars MOD APK – Assemble Vehicles To Confront Opposing Vehicles

The gameplay of Truck Wars takes place in a sequence. Use different parts to assemble a truck. Based on your design, can be freely customized. After completing will continue to enter a match according to the level of play. Your opponent is another vehicle. The two vehicles will attack each other until one of them is destroyed first. To be able to win and overcome challenges. Ask the truck vehicle you built to successfully destroy the opponent’s vehicle. From there will win and survive to continue the journey. At the same time, the system will unlock new parts and components in turn.Truck Wars

Compete by level

As mentioned above the challenges in Truck Wars. There will be levels to test your design. Craft trucks in a variety of designs to be effective in the competition. Can destroy opponent’s vehicle changed differently after each level. The ultimate aim of each participating mission is to win. So it will take your design to create a superior truck. Onslaught can be thwarted, through direct dashing actions from the opponent’s vehicle. Simultaneously successfully smashed enemy vehicles to pieces. From there will complete the task of a level. Get gold coins with the corresponding amounts according to difficulty.Game Truck Wars

Challenge increased

Get ready to build trucks with more power in Truck Wars. Because every time you start to step into a new level of play. The difficulty will increase with the challenge from the opponent vehicle. Assembled with more parts and components. As well as strong performance and endurance. Specially designed novel attack module. But brings greater destructive power than previous vehicles. This leaves you with many challenges to help your vehicle survive. But that is what makes it even more interesting. At the same time, the bonus amount received after winning will be increased even more.Tai Truck Wars

Hundreds of components

According to information provided by Truck Wars. The game has hundreds of different parts and components. Typical like tires, blocks, saws, shields, excavators,… and many more. These are some of the early-stage components provided by the system. After each completion of a level continue the new mission. More parts will be unlocked in turn. Accordingly, it is possible to freely design to create an invincible machine. Can destroy all opponent vehicles and win. Furthermore, each component can improve, through upgrades. When reaching a certain level, gold coins can be used to upgrade.

Dozens of modules

The Truck Wars game also has dozens of different modules. It was the equipment system that was used as the main tool for the attack. By directly impacting the opponent’s vehicle to destroy. For example, small guns, spears, flamethrowers, short saws, long chainsaws,… and many more. Each module is designed to use the attack in its own way. For example, the saw when equipped will rotate the saw blade. Or the gun can fire bullets and spit fire to create destructive power. Depending on your choice and design can create an invincible vehicle.Download Truck Wars

Modified MOD information of Truck Wars

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems

Through existing components and modules in Truck Wars. On a board divided into squares. Each square can use one part for assembly. Rely on your skills in the design process. Use parts to assemble into various shapes. To create a vehicle that can excel in attack, as well as durable defense. From there successfully destroy the opponent’s vehicle in the next match. Win to continue to participate in new levels.

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Name ID Truck Wars
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Hoopsly FZE
Size 57MB
New version 0.58
MOD Info Free Shopping
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