Vandals MOD APK 1.1.11 (Paid, unlimited money, unlock all skin)
Vandals MOD APK 1.1.11 (Paid, unlimited money, unlock all skin)

Vandals MOD APK 1.1.11 (Paid, unlimited money, unlock all skin)

By HN - 19/05/2023
Name Vandals
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher ARTE Experience
MOD Features Paid, unlimited money, unlock all skin
Size 89MB
Version 1.1.11
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE 6$
Update 19/05/2023 (7 months ago )

Do you love street art? Want to paint pictures on the walls of the city? Come to Vandals to satisfy your passion. But in this game, you will be considered as an environmental destroyer on the street. Because the painted pictures will lose their inherent beauty. So it won’t be possible to draw them publicly. Which will have to do it quietly and find a way to escape from the supervisors. They are the police who will track down the person who painted the wall to destroy the beauty of the street. You need to take each step wordlessly. Use aids and distractions. Use skills to overcome challenges. Complete the artwork and escape safely.

Download Vandals – Draw Street Art And Escape From The Police

The mission of Vandals is played out by puzzle. Each challenge unfolds on a street with many interconnected routes. Simultaneously divided into many points, shown by the dots on the blue line. Based on the turn-based rules used. You and your supervisors will only be able to move step-by-step along the routes. The process takes place when it is the supervisor’s turn to move. The system of routes will be displayed in a red line. That is the next move the police will move after their turn. You can observe to choose the next path you will take. Need to be safe and not get caught.Vandals

More than 60 puzzles

Vandals game opens more than 60 puzzles waiting for you ahead. Each puzzle is a street art painting task. When participating will have to do the drawing activity at a specific location. At the same time, it is necessary to run away from security supervisors. Sometimes you have to collect gold stars at any point on the street. After completing the painting in your artistic style. Successful escape will complete the mission. Achievements will be shown by the number of stars.

A mission can achieve a maximum of 3 stars. Accordingly, each star corresponds to a condition that needs to be fulfilled after completing that sentence. Successful example escapes with the fewest possible moves. Collect stars at a specific point on the street. And paint an art picture on the wall. Depending on each puzzle, meeting all the conditions will complete the task excellently.Vandals

Increasing difficulty

Every time starting a new puzzle in the game Vandals. Street terrain will be changed to more complex. Open up an interesting artistic painting situation. But there will be many changing factors that cause the difficulty to increase. Accordingly, the number of people monitoring the street may be more than before. At the same time, there is support from service dogs. Especially the last way for you to escape is difficult to pass. Because they will be stopped by the police on the way. Moreover, the position of the painting and the star will be in different sections of the road. Make you have to move many turns to be able to go.Ear Vandals

There are 5 maps

Through the missions will have the opportunity to explore 5 different maps. The Vandals is set in locations of many cities. From Tokyo to Sao Paulo, go through Paris to Berlin and New York. Each location will be designed with a map in its own style. The difference is also reflected in the surrounding environment and landscape. To be able to explore all the maps in the game. It is necessary to complete each puzzle in turn. When reaching a certain stage will be unlocked to enter the new map.

Use a whistle and glass bottle

During the mission of Vandals. You can use boosters to wake up your supervisor or outwit them. Through the whistle and the glass bottle. Accordingly, the whistle can be used to blow unlimitedly. Make a sound that gets the attention of the police. For example, they are dozing on the road you have to go through to escape. Need to wake them up to start chasing, take that opportunity and leave. Or the glass bottle can only be used once per mission. Can be thrown at any point on the street. From there distract the police to create an opportunity to escape.Download Vandals

MOD Feature of Vandals

  • Unlimited money
  • unlock all skin

When reaching a specific painting location on the street of Vandals. There are many different paint colors to choose from. From there, rely on imagination and creativity to draw different artistic pictures. For example, paint letters, draw characters or icons,… and much more. After finishing painting on the wall and escaping. You can use your painting to share with other players on social networks.

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