Westland Survival 7.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, god mode, damage, free craft]
Westland Survival 7.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, god mode, damage, free craft]

Westland Survival 7.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, god mode, damage, free craft]

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Survive in a vast world of Westland Survival. This is a game-built cowboy-style content. Combined online mode for a chance to meet and compete with other cowboys. At the same time will have to find resources and build a base to create a solid shelter. There are many other jobs and challenges waiting for you ahead. Everything has to be done and overcome, with the aim of being able to survive in a world full of dangers. According to the gameplay the game opens in the setting of the Wild West. You will transform into a cowboy to enter the bounty-hunting journey. Simultaneously conquer all challenges to become the best cowboy.

Description about Westland Survival MOD APK – Become a Cowboy for Survival Adventure in the Wild West

Before starting the adventure. You will customize a character in your own style to roleplay. Accordingly, there are many different customization options provided by the system. You can create the desired cowboy character. Includes gender, face, hairstyle, beard, skin color, and hair color. Each type of customization has many different options. Depending on your design create a suitable character yourself.Tai Westland Survival

Game mechanics

Based on the game’s mechanism is designed. Use different icons and are displayed with an intuitive arrangement. Just tap to perform actions. For example attack or pick up items on the ground. What’s more, is moving and navigating the character to explore the vast Western world. Besides, it also displays some important information related to the character’s status. For example, the amount of health and power possessed when performing an attack. Moreover, it also supports a mini-map, which helps you to observe the current location and small area around.Game Westland Survival

Build a shelter with lots of equipment

Building a shelter is a must-do throughout your adventure in the Wild West. With a lot of different equipment for you to use. But it is necessary to gather enough resources to be able to craft. From there, unlock and design your own style shelter. Some items are made for use in shelters. For example, desks, beds, chairs,… and more.

In the shelter, you can build a workshop. Different devices can be unlocked to proceed with the work. Includes stone cutters, leather dryers, weaving machines, foundries, forges, and more. Each device plays an important role, used in many activities. For example, the stone cutter can cut the collected stone blocks for processing and use.Westland Survival

Gather resources and hunt animals

To survive in the Wild West in the game Westland Survival. Need to collect many resources. From building materials on the ground, they appeared in all sorts of places. For example stone, wood, gold, silver, grass, and many more. Use them to craft different items. Besides, it is necessary to participate in the hunt. There are many species of animals that appear in the forests or on the open ground. The animals will help you earn meat to sustain life. It is also possible to use furs to create clothes. From there, survive in harsh environmental conditions.

Craft a variety of weapons

Weapons are indispensable pieces of equipment in the adventure. Because you will face many dangers. Weapons are tools to use against dangerous enemies. As well as protect yourself against the attack of other cowboys. To be able to own many types of weapons need to be crafted. Using the collected materials, meet the required conditions of each type. From there, crafting will own a new weapon. There are several types such as cowboy guns, rifles, sniper rifles, bows, spears, and many more. Each weapon will bring a unique attack ability.Download Westland Survival

Modified MOD information of Westland Survival

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of everything
  • Free shopping
  • god mode
  • free craft
  • no ban
  • vip

The battles between cowboys in Westland Survival will be held regularly when they face each other. Based on the game’s PvP online mode. Can ally with other cowboys to form a team. From there attack and compete with other groups. Or alone, riding on a horse and moving across the lands. Show the skills of a real gunner, successfully knocking down many opponents. From there become the best cowboy in the Wild West.

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Name ID Westland Survival
Updated On 22/05/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Helio Games
Size 81MB
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New version 7.5.1
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, god mode, damage, free craft
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Update 22/05/2024 (2 days ago )