Alien War: The Last Day {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free shopping)
Alien War: The Last Day {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free shopping)

Alien War: The Last Day 1.9.4 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free shopping)

By The Toan - 13/06/2023 (9 months ago) - 94MB
Name Alien War: The Last Day
Updated On 13/06/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Size 94MB
Version 1.9.4
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and gems, free shopping
Update 13/06/2023 (9 months ago )

Alien War: The Last Day recreates a life full of dangers. The action game is completely free to experience. Set in a dystopian future world. Combining open gameplay, revolving around survival activities. With a series of missions built based on the story. Only one last day left to have a chance to survive. You will have to perform many different jobs to save the world. Fight against alien forces. Conquer challenges in multiple missions. Moreover, will explore the features of the open-action game. From diverse vehicles to unique weapon systems. Along with battle costumes for the character. Power up to overcome difficulties in the complex city.

Download Alien War: The Last Day – Against Aliens in the Future World

The setting of Alien War: The Last Day opens in a futuristic world. With the outstanding development of human civilization. The future is reflected in the success of people in moving to more modern life. But at the same time, dangers and difficulties are born. New races and new enemies appear to dominate. Making the future world that people have worked so hard to build is on the verge of destruction. To prevent that from happening before it gets out of control. You will become a hero to perform the combat action. There is only one day left to survive if you can’t fight the enemy. Aliens have attacked the city. At the same time, they reside as commoners.Alien War- The Last Day

On duty, faithful dog

Become the ultimate hero in the futuristic city of Alien War: The Last Day. You will have to move to many different locations. Perform quests to complete the challenge. Simultaneously collect and accumulate resources. Equip to develop your character’s strength. Thereby improving combat ability, aiming to fight alien enemies. Accompanying you is a loyal dog. Will follow in the footsteps of the hero, wherever he moves. Even the dog will participate in attacking the enemy in the battle that takes place. Over time will have to upgrade to increase the ability of the dog to be more superior. Because the future life is occupied by enemies. Danger lurks everywhere and can be attacked at any time. If you are not stronger, it will be easy to lose your life.Game Alien War- The Last Day

Free activities, level of danger

The futuristic city is set in Alien War: The Last Day. With a combination of open-ended, action-packed gameplay. Heroes can perform any activity without restriction. Attack the aliens walking on the street. Block the way to rob their vehicle for use. Race on wide roads and cause fatal crashes. Use guns to fire, attack, and destroy vehicles. Maybe even attack the police and kill them on the street. However, the above actions will be listed as violations of the city’s law. That means being wanted by the police force. The level of danger will be shown by the number of stars. When the level reaches a maximum of 5 stars, you will be chased no matter where you go.Tai Alien War- The Last Day

Use coins to unlock vehicles

Through completing missions in Alien War: The Last Day. You will receive bonuses to use on trading activities. Conquer each challenge in turn to accumulate large numbers. From there can unlock much different equipment, items, and vehicles in the shop. Here, the game offers a diverse collection of vehicles. Includes different cars to drive on the road. For example cars, sports cars, racing cars,… and many more. They are all designed in a futuristic style. From the styling to the details and parts depicted. To the unique colors and combinations from the operation on the road. Moreover, there is a chance to unlock armored tanks. With superior defense, it is possible to protect the hero from attacks from enemies.Download Alien War- The Last Day

MOD Feature of Alien War: The Last Day

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • free shopping
  • free purchase

Besides the vehicle to drive on the streets of Alien War: The Last Day. There are also modern, impressively designed outfits. With high-tech assembled details. Create a powerful armor for the hero to increase his superior combat ability. At the same time can use many types of guns. The game owns a unique gun collection. For example pistols, rifles, bazookas, rocket guns, and many more. Each type of gun carries a unique attack ability. Can be used to fight in any situation. Help you defend yourself against dangerous alien enemies.