Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.56.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Coins, Hearts, Boosters)
Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.56.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Coins, Hearts, Boosters)

Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.56.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Coins, Hearts, Boosters)

By HY - 15/11/2023
Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Coins, Hearts, Boosters
Size 147MB
Version 1.56.4
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 15/11/2023 (3 weeks ago )

When you mention the name Pig Bird, you are no longer unfamiliar with it. This character has inspired many games. One of them is Angry Birds Dream Blast. Unlike previous versions, this game does not focus on shooting birds from the concert lid. Instead, it offers an enjoyable puzzle game experience. You will participate in fun puzzle matches. It’s a journey to rescue birds from strange dreams. You will combine the same colored gems to create effects and precise challenging levels. Angry Birds accompanies you on this journey with unique skills.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast – Bubble smashing challenge

Angry Birds Dream Blast is truly an engaging experience. Players will be immersed in a brilliant space with floating clouds and colorful bubbles when entering this world. Your main goal is to match at least three bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. The method is simple. Players need to touch a bubble and drag it to a position so that it will combine with at least two drops of the same color. When you complete a level, the bubble will disappear. However, don’t let the enchanting beauty of Angry Birds Dream Blast fool you. Each group usually comes with a set of unique challenges. There are many different ways to arrange balloons. This creates complexity in finding the best way to get through each level.

More than 5000 brain-twisting puzzles

Each puzzle in Angry Birds Dream Blast has a background image and a specific goal. Players will immerse themselves in the game’s beautiful and colorful world. Players think strategically to remove objects from the screen. You must take advantage of all the obstacles and achieve the goal to advance to the next level. Thousands of these puzzles are designed in stories from easy to complex. Players will always feel challenged and new in each group. The variety in level design and the appearance of familiar Angry Birds characters make this game an addictive experience. In addition, Angry Birds Dream Blast also has social features that allow players to connect with friends. You can share achievements and participate in special events. The puzzle system in Angry Birds Dream Blast has kept millions of players worldwide

Unlock energy

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, you will start with limited energy. Each stage takes a specific amount of energy to participate in. They are represented by energy icons in the upper left corner of the screen. You can earn items, bonus points, and coins when you complete a level. However, when your energy runs out after completing some puzzle levels, you won’t be able to continue playing. It would be best to wait until you recharge or reach a specific time. Therefore, players must manage their energy wisely so as not to be limited. The way to unlock power involves several different methods. For example, wait a long time for the ability to recharge automatically. You can also use items and perform quests and achievements to earn more points.

Explore interesting places

The highlight of Angry Birds Dream Blast is the Bubblegum Factory. Here, you will enter a sweet and enchanting world. This place is filled with colorful and sparkling candies. Bubblegum Factory will make you feel like you’re living a sweet dream. Not only that, the game also takes players to other locations. They are where you will face challenges. Or you will even face dramatic battles between colorful marbles and bright fire. Angry Birds Dream Blast is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an exciting fantasy world. This will make you excited every time you open the game.

With lovely and funny graphics, Angry Birds Dream Blast has created a bright and magical world. This game is straightforward to play and suitable for all ages. Angry Birds Dream Blast combines puzzle gameplay and typical elements of the series. This creates an irresistible puzzle experience. If you’re a fan of Angry Birds or looking for a relaxing puzzle game, you should try this. Join MODLMH to conquer challenging puzzles in the game.

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