Angry Birds Friends 12.4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gems coins, black pearls]

Angry Birds Friends 12.4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gems coins, black pearls]

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Angry Birds Friends 12.4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gems coins, black pearls]

Join the Angry Birds to attack the pig tower in the game Angry Birds Friends. This is one of the famous puzzle games released by Rovio. With the participation of a large number of players around the world. Complete the level-based quest that takes place to kill the green pigs. Through it will be competing scores with friends and other players around the globe. More specifically, according to the information provided in the introduction. Every week there will be 26 new levels to increase the experience for you, as well as others. Moreover, it is also possible to challenge real players. With competitive tournaments taking place every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. From there, they compared their puzzle skills in the match.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK – Lead the Birds to Attack and Destroy the Green Pigs

The gameplay of Angry Birds Friends is similar to other Angry Birds games. According to the mechanism of shooting the birds to attack the green pigs. Through a slingshot, pull creates force and adjusts the angle of the shot. This has a huge impact on the green pigs appearing at different locations in their towers.

The control mechanism is quite simple. When a bird jumps on a giant slingshot. You just need to touch, hold and drag back, and watch to adjust the angle of the shot. After releasing the hand will create a shot force to make the bird fly to the green pig’s base. From there perform an attack to destroy the enemy.Angry Birds Friends

Story-based upstairs mode

Start the quest according to the story mode of Angry Birds Friends. From the first floor opens puzzle levels revolving around the attack of birds and green pigs. At each level takes place a mission to destroy the green pig. You will guide the birds to attack in turn through the slingshot. From there determine the angle of fire to fly to the enemy base. The goal is to wipe out the green pigs with as few attacks as possible. Win with a high score to successfully complete the mission.

The number of stars represents achievements at a puzzle level. Each star corresponds to a certain number of points that you gain during the attack. Accordingly, from each turn of the bird’s attack on the green pig’s base. Based on base destruction and number of kills in one turn. At that time, the corresponding number of points will be obtained. Especially after successfully wiping out all green pigs. Each remaining bird will be added 10,000 achievement points.Game Angry Birds Friends

Difficulty increases when starting a new quest

Coming to the new level of Angry Birds Friends will be climbing to the next floor. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. The biggest difference is the base of the green pigs. They are designed to be more solid than before with boards and many objects forming a defensive shield. Help the green pigs be protected in many different locations. Accordingly, you will have to observe to find the weak point of the enemy base. Locate the exact location and execute the attack to create destruction. This causes many green pigs to be destroyed in each episode. It is even possible to wipe out the whole with a single turn.

Go through the missions at each level that takes place. There will be opportunities to explore puzzle matches in different environments. For example in the desert, in the primeval forest, in ancient Egypt, on the cool beach. There are many other locations that will be unlocked in turn when reaching a certain stage. Each place is designed with a beautiful setting, with the difference reflected in the surrounding environment.Angry Birds Friends

Many different species of birds are in need of rescue

There are many different birds in Angry Birds Friends. As each mission takes place on the floors. When completing a certain level will rescue a new bird. There are some types such as Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb, Matilda, and others. Each type of bird has its own special ability. During the performance of the mission, when it is their turn to attack, they will create destructive power on the enemy base. For example, Red will attack directly on impact. The Blues can split into 3 on the fly. Or Bomb with a large size and heavy, will create an explosion after attacking the base.Download Angry Birds Friends

Modified MOD information of Angry Birds Friends

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of gems coins
  • black pearls

During the quest in Angry Birds Friends. There is also the support of many different items. For example, the slingshot increases the strength, increases the destructive power of the bird. Use the zoom to shoot accurately, recruiting special birds equipped with armor. There are some other support items that will be detailed when participating. Each type when used will bring its own advantages. For example, the power slingshot will increase the firepower to create a strong and violent impact on the enemy base.

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Name ID Angry Birds Friends
Updated On 04/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 100MB
New version 12.4.0
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited gems coins, black pearls
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