Apple Knight: Action Platformer 2.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Apple Knight: Action Platformer 2.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Apple Knight: Action Platformer 2.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Get ready for an adventure in the world of Apple Knight: Action Platformer. Follow the action gameplay that is combined with scene elements. You will transform into a hero to join the challenging journey. Use equipped weapons to attack enemy forces. Destroy all to win, thereby completing the assigned task. Follow the content of the game to go on a level adventure. You will have to face countless dangers and fight terrifying creatures that hinder moving forward. Only through overcoming all and successfully surviving can conquer. From there, prove your skills and strength. Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore many maps in the environment.

Description about Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK – Adventure to Explore the World and Cross the Terrain

Based on the adventure gameplay that combines elements of the scene to enter the journey. Follow the story quest of the game that unfolds with more than 40 levels. Simultaneously divided into 4 worlds in different environmental conditions. Each level takes place as an adventure across treacherous terrain. Accordingly, you will play the role of a hero to uncover the mystery. That process will have to fight dangerous enemies that get in the way, collect rare items, and avoid pitfalls. The goal is to complete the challenging route to reach the final point. From there, complete the quest in a level and get rewarded. According to each journey that takes place, after completing a certain level, the system will unlock a new map.Apple Knight- Action Platformer MOD

The challenge increases when reaching new levels

After completing a level will continue to come new adventures. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. Not only the distance to travel is longer than before, but the terrain is also designed to be more rugged. With the appearance of deadly traps, as well as obstacles that make it difficult for you to move forward. More specifically, the number of monsters that appeared in numbers increased even more. Make the hero difficult to conquer. Even at the cost of life if unable to overcome the attack from the enemy or fall into a trap.Game Apple Knight- Action Platformer MOD

Collect chests, coins and red apples

The process of the journey to explore the world of Apple Knight: Action Platformer. There will be a lot of different activities to do. Collect hidden treasure chests in multiple locations. When unlocked will have the opportunity to receive gold coins or gems. During the adventure can also collect gold coins and red apples. They appear along the route that you will pass. Try to collect to accumulate as much as possible, from which to use in trading or unlocking activities. Besides, on each level, there are two mysterious areas. Seeking to enter will help you get valuable loot.Tai Apple Knight- Action Platformer MOD

Many dangerous enemies

Go through adventurous levels to uncover the mysteries. The hero will face many different enemies. For example monsters, barbarians, scary creatures, witches, and many other dangers. Each enemy is shaped in its own way, expressed through appearance and appearance. The difference between them is also reflected in the weapons used to attack. For example, witches cast magic to deal damage from a distance. Or scary creatures that move in a certain area and obstruct the hero’s passage.

Fight with the boss

Complete each level in turn until entering the 10th adventure. Then will have to fight a boss in a 1vs1 skirmish. Accordingly, the boss possesses a strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. Shown through large amount of health, huge size, stamina and powerful attack. To be able to defeat the boss will have to combine your skills and control. Flexibility to move, attack, and dodge. Fight non-stop for damage until the boss runs out of health to win. After that, the system will unlock a new map to come to the next level.Download Apple Knight- Action Platformer MOD

To enhance the hero’s fighting ability in Apple Knight: Action Platformer. You can change the attack weapon and customize the outfit. Accordingly, the system provides a diverse collection of weapons of various types such as swords, axes, spears, and more. Besides, there are many uniquely designed costumes, expressed through designs and colors. At the same time, when used, it will help the hero increase defense and health. It is also possible to combine special abilities to attack from long distances. Through the use of too collected jujube to cause damage.

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Name ID Apple Knight: Action Platformer
Updated On 16/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Limitless, LLC
Size 55MB
New version 2.3.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 16/05/2024 (1 week ago )