Manor Matters 5.0.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money stars coins energy]

Manor Matters 5.0.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money stars coins energy]

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Manor Matters 5.0.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money stars coins energy]

Welcome to Manor Matters , the adventure puzzle game with addictive gameplay. Join the game, you will become a talented detective. Your mission is to investigate an old manor that has been abandoned long ago. There are many mysteries hidden there and only you can find the solution to them all. So don’t leave the experience halfway if you really want to explore everything. Interspersed with your adventure are puzzles. It’s the traditional match-3 and hidden object puzzles you’re all too familiar with. Test your wits and puzzle strategy to unlock many valuable items.

Manor Matters MOD APK – Join the adventure of the detective

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the story of Manor Matters. It’s about your adventure MOD APK – the detective inherited the fortune from Mr. Burke, a great adventurer. He has been missing for decades since his last expedition in Egypt. And now, his assistant MOD APK – Mr. Carl wants you to govern a manor as an inheritance. After a trip by train, you have reached the manor as suggested by the assistant. It is a large and magnificent area but has been abandoned for a long time. Moreover, it hides something strange that you must discover for yourself.


Classic puzzle gameplay

Your adventure officially begins after reaching the old manor. Your mission is to explore different areas of the manor and find out the craziest mysteries. To do that, you need to learn how to solve 2 classic puzzle types: match-3 and find hidden objects. How to play match-3 is very familiar to you, right? You need to match items of the same color to make them explode and score points. Match-3 levels will help you unlock some items, such as furniture and decorations. They will help you refurbish the rooms to gradually dispel the darkness inside. Pay attention to the limited number of moves and the requirements of each puzzle board.

As for the hidden object puzzle, it is somewhat simpler to operate. You just need to touch the screen to find the required items. It could be a cat, a mask, a statue, a guitar, a book, and more. Each item has its own meaning. You will need them in your explorations later. It can be said that the find puzzles are randomly distributed and dense in your experience. They will help test the eye MOD APK – an important skill of a detective. Through the chain of puzzles, you will gradually unravel the mystery. You will even find treasure in the pile of antique objects in the manor.


Design and restore the manor

When participating in Manor Matters , you are not just a detective or an adventurer. You can also become an interior designer with the task of restoring the old manor. It has worn the old wall paint color for quite some time. Moreover, there are dozens of outdated items scattered in the rooms. Let’s start cleaning and getting rid of old items. You can then earn new furniture from match-3 puzzle boards to refurbish rooms. Let’s add sofas to the living room, change new tables and chairs for the office, rearrange the bookshelves…


Uncover the mysteries

You think there’s something inside this manor, don’t you? This may be true because it has been abandoned for a long time. You will encounter scary bats hiding inside old clothes or the giant form of a witch. Who are they and why are they here? Let’s start your exploration to find the truth. If you get stuck, remember assistant Carl MOD APK – who knows this manor better than anyone. In addition, you will meet many other characters from the original story. They can give you some great ideas.


3D graphics with vivid images

The story of the game is visualized on 3D graphics. It brings a vivid experience space with realistic, detailed images. Everything in the manor from the rooms to the furniture and more is quite familiar. But you will easily recognize that they are designed in a classic design style. Also, almost anything is interoperable. So you will feel like you are really adventuring in a real space. Moreover, the deep background music will help guide your emotions.

Modified MOD information of Manor Matters

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Don’t miss Manor Matters if you like puzzles, adventure, and exploration. There’s a lot of cool stuff for you here. You will have an exciting adventure in the old manor of the late explorer. And you yourself will solve all the mysteries here with your detective talent. Learn how to solve match-3 puzzles and find hidden objects to aid the investigation. Moreover, you should interact with everything to find interesting hints.

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Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 4.2+
Publisher Playrix
Size 145MB
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New version 5.0.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money stars coins energy
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