Armed Heist {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money diamond, God mode, High damage)
Armed Heist {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money diamond, God mode, High damage)

Armed Heist 3.0.4 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money diamond, God mode, High damage)

By The Toan - 28/02/2024 (1 hour ago) - 85MB
Name Armed Heist
Updated On 28/02/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Sozap
Size 85MB
Version 3.0.4
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money diamond, God mode, High damage
Update 28/02/2024 (1 hour ago )

Get the online shooting theme to build the gameplay of Armed Heist. The content revolves around an attack on a bank to rob money. Play as a gunfighter in your own style. Then participate in a bank robbery with teammates. From there will earn a lot of money after completing the challenge. This game belongs to the third-person shooter genre. Incorporate action gameplay in an open map. With various challenging quests waiting to be discovered. Test a robber’s skills with money truck robbery and bank raid operations. Also, have the opportunity to learn about many unique guns. Enjoy 3D graphics in a variety of environments. Same well-arranged control interface for ease of use.

Download Armed Heist – Robbing Banks And Fighting The Police Force

Before starting the bank robbery mission in the game Armed Heist. The system allows customizing the character according to its own style. Through the choices with many different types to use. From masks, and costumes, to designs. Depending on your design, it is possible to create a desired bandit. For example, a murderous clown with a scary mask. A dangerous criminal, even a commando. With a combination of equipment provided to create the character’s shape. Then will role-play to start the mission of a bandit. Through the process of performing missions and completing challenges. Based on the collected equipment to use. From there, it is possible to continue to change the appearance, helping the character to become more prominent.Armed Heist

Various weapon systems

To perform the crime mission about the bank attack in Armed Heist. There will be the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. They are divided into many categories such as pistols, rifles, long guns, sniper rifles,… and many more. Each type has many choices to equip the character. Owns its own specifications. From maximum ammo count, ammo loading time, to damage done. At the same time, each gun will have its own design. The pros and cons are not the same. To exploit effectively will need to learn the details. Besides, guns can also be upgraded and modified. Through parts such as a suppressor, grip, barrel, and more. Each customization will change the performance of the gun. Help the bandit attack to outperform.Tai Armed Heist

More than 70 challenges, increasing difficulty

Come to Armed Heist to participate in more than 70 different challenges. Each challenge unfolds an exciting story-driven scenario. Revolves around the operation of attacking a bank to rob money. Then against the besieged police force. Find a way to break through their encirclement to escape. Then continue the journey against the pursuit by a large number of police. There are many other scenarios that will be unlocked in turn after each completed mission. At the same time, the difficulty will change every time a new challenge is started. More complex than before, putting the character in more danger. Because the number of police will increase more, the terrain and environment will change according to each scenario. Along with the onslaught from many factors. Causing the robber to lose his life if he can’t protect himself.Game Armed Heist

Tasks to perform

The process of tasks in Armed Heist in real-time. Under the third-person perspective to bring a realistic perspective. You will have to fend off the onslaught from the police force within a limited time. After finishing can move to a marked location to complete the job. For example, after completing the scenario, leave the bank with the stolen money. Will have to escape the siege from the police on the road. Through moving onto a car to escape. In that time of survival, it is necessary to fight. Use equipped weapons to attack to destroy the enemy. Combined with the observation from the surrounding terrain to deploy the appropriate attack strategy. Or hide behind objects to avoid being attacked by the police.Download Armed Heist

MOD Feature of Armed Heist

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited diamond
  • free shopping

Through the third-person perspective used in Armed Heist. It will bring a very interesting fighting feeling. When being tracked every action, gesture, and movement of the character. For example, use a gun to attack, then quickly hide to dodge. From there you can observe the real action taking place. Moreover, to increase the experience of every player. Help them feel more excited as soon as they join. Graphics have been recreated based on the 3D platform. With sharp image quality. Simulation of the environment takes place in many different scenarios.