Auto Hero APK MOD [Menu LMH, Shopping, Immortality, One Hit, Auto Kill]
Auto Hero APK MOD [Menu LMH, Shopping, Immortality, One Hit, Auto Kill]

Auto Hero APK MOD [Menu LMH, Shopping, Immortality, One Hit, Auto Kill]

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Promising to bring a fun entertainment time when participating in Auto Hero. Because the game is a combination of scene elements and shooting. Unleash an action-packed story-driven adventure. Played in offline mode, completely free to experience. Here, role-play as a character to participate in the game. Carry out missions in a shooting game. Aim to overcome locations with environmental complexity. Along with a lot of monsters that will prevent you from moving forward. That will create tough challenges to face. Through the process of playing will enjoy many features. Diverse mission system, with increasing difficulty with each level. Have the opportunity to discover hundreds of weapons with terrible destructive power. At the same time will collect many attractive rewards.

Description about Auto Hero MOD APK – Scenery Adventure to Perform Shooting Missions

Join the game Auto Hero to role-play as a commando shooter. Possesses a muscular and muscular appearance. Use the rifle as a combat weapon. Quest against monsters in action adventure. With gameplay combined in the style of auto-attack. The gunner will fire bullets at the enemy when moving within a certain range. The process takes place, moves can be performed in 4 directions. Thereby dodging attacks from monsters. At the same time overcome obstacles, and conquer difficult terrain. The control mechanism is used in the form of a virtual joystick. From touching, holding, and swiping in directions to control the character’s movement. Then will perform the combat mission according to the scene gameplay.Auto Hero

More than 150 missions, increasing in difficulty

According to the information introduced by the publisher. Auto Hero game has more than 150 missions. Open challenging battles. Taking place in many environments with different terrain. Each mission will recreate a scene adventure. The quest to survive against a large number of monsters. Destroy them to move forward. Aim towards the gate at the end of the path. When moving over will complete the mission. End the adventure with the rewards collected from killing monsters. Then will continue the new quest, which opens to the next level. The challenge will change with increasing difficulty. Not only the terrain and environment are more complex. Travel distance is also longer than before. At the same time, many new types of monsters appear. Makes you difficult, but will have the opportunity to receive more valuable rewards.Game Auto Hero

Many monsters, fighting skills

The process of performing the scene mission in Auto Hero. The shooter will have to fight many different types of monsters. They have different styles of attack and movement. Can slither to deal damage with a melee attack. Or fly in the air and shoot bullets, attacking from a distance. There are many other types of monsters that will appear when participating in more difficult quests. Whether facing any enemy in the adventure. Your skill is one of the deciding factors for the results. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the terrain, as well as the location of the enemy’s appearance. Combines flexible control to dodge attacks. Limit blood loss, and increase the survival rate. At the same time try constantly to improve better skills.Tai Auto Hero

More than 140 weapons and power-ups

More than 140 weapons appear in Auto Hero. They are used to attack in many different styles. Those are extremely well-designed guns. Completely different from the gun system of similar-themed games. Each gun is recreated in the form of animals. With the difference is shown through the parts and the depiction of the appearance. This will give you an interesting experience on the subject of shooting. Their strength is assessed by many factors. In it, through the war, to a certain stage. From being unlocked by the system to upgrading character strength. Several abilities can be selected to increase the firepower of the gun. Improved combat superiority.Download Auto Hero

Modified MOD information of Auto Hero

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems
  • full energy
  • free shopping

The adventure goes scene takes place according to the many missions of Auto Hero. From using guns to killing monsters. That will cause them to drop gold coins or food. However, it cannot be collected immediately. Instead will have to continue to fight to overcome the challenges. After wiping out the enemy will automatically collect all. Not stopping there, sometimes there will be a chance to find treasure. After unlocking will receive many valuable loots.

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Name ID Auto Hero
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Angles Game Studio
Size 184MB
New version
MOD Info Menu, Shopping, Immortality, One Hit, Auto Kill
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )