Ball Bounce: Escape Quest 0.3.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Game Speed]
Ball Bounce: Escape Quest 0.3.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Game Speed]

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest 0.3.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Game Speed]

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Adventure with the rolling ball in the game Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. The mission is to overcome dangerous terrain and avoid dangerous obstacles. Also, collect items or rescue your friends in captivity. Then proceed to the door at the end of the prison to complete the mission. The game’s setting opens a large prison. Divided into different areas. You will have to find a way through the doors to leave the prison. Through accompanying the ball to perform the task. From the adventure will enjoy vivid 3D graphics. With hundreds of levels waiting ahead. Along with intuitive controls for easy use. Combining fun gameplay will bring an exciting experience.

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK – Companion with Prison Roller Ball

The rolling ball is expressively shaped in Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. This is the main character in the prison escape adventure. You will accompany to start performing the tasks. Through intuitive control mechanism. With two arrow keys left, and right display the left corner of the screen. With the up arrow key in the right corner of the screen. You just need to touch or hold to roll forward or backward. Combining jumps will overcome difficult terrain. In general, the control system is basically designed. Not too complicated to take a long time to get used to. Right at the beginning of the game can be used to control the ball rolling.Tai Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

More than 100 levels and quests

In the prison escape adventure of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. There are over 100 levels, with lots of different missions to complete. Each level opens a challenging journey. With different given conditions, requirements you must follow. For example, collect all 3 gold stars that appear randomly during the roll of the ball. Or rescue friends who are being held in cages in one location. Depending on the task at each level, after meeting the conditions. Need to continue to accompany the ball rolling to the door at the last point. From there, you can leave an area to complete the mission.

The gold coins that appear along the routes the ball will roll over. Don’t miss it and try to collect the whole thing. From there can accumulate over time performing tasks. Allows you to unlock, trade, or upgrade many features. Add new experiences to feel more interesting.Download Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

Many factors have changed in the new mission

Every time starting a new level in the game Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. The quest that opens is still just around collecting stars or rescuing teammates. But there will be many other factors that change to increase the difficulty of the ball. For example, the terrain is designed to be more complex than before. With the appearance of obstacles such as traps of sharp spikes. In addition, there is the appearance of the warden. That is the enemy the ball has to face. Can choose to dodge or attack with precise jumping action. Besides, the commuting distance is also more communal. Make you spend more time with the ball rolling.

Depending on the mission, will randomly collect a stamped knife. After accumulating 3 stamp knives will be provided with 9 cartons. You can then select and randomly cut 3 different bins. From there has the opportunity to receive many interesting rewards. For example gold coins or new skins for balls.Game Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

Challenges in the terrain

The terrain is one of the biggest hindrances at Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. The adventure of the ball rolling in the prison is going to be very difficult. With the constant change of terrain after each level. At the same time, obstacles and enemies in the way appear on the routes to go through. Moreover, sometimes it takes a puzzle action to open the way. From there, you can continue to roll forward to reach the door at the final location. For example, an iron door blocks a narrow aisle. It is necessary to press and hold the remote button to open the door. Accordingly, you will have to move the object and insert it on the switch.

From opening the carton after collecting all 3 stamp knives. Or use gold coins earned in Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. Then shop in the game’s store. Various skins can be unlocked to change the appearance of the rolling ball. With equipment such as hats and glasses to increase the prominence. Become more dominant in the next adventures.

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Name ID Ball Bounce: Escape Quest
Updated On 20/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Fanmob Studio
Size 71MB
New version 0.3.1
MOD Info Menu, Immortality, Game Speed
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Update 20/06/2024 (4 hours ago )