Battle Islands 5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Army]
Battle Islands 5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Army]

Battle Islands 5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Army]

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Open wars according to historical events about the second world war. The game Battle Islands takes place in 1942. The setting takes place in the South Pacific with a platoon’s attack on a tropical island. Here, becomes a leader and strategist of an army. Carry out the task of leading the units of soldiers to participate in the war. Land on a tropical island to destroy the enemy base. At the same time, maintain a strong stance to be able to continue entering new matches. Accordingly, you will have to control the army to perform a lot of different operations. Not only fighting against enemy forces. You still have to build your own military zone. As well as join the large-scale attack with friends and other online players.

Battle Islands MOD APK – Build and Lead Military Forces to Attack

Come to Battle Islands to become the captain of a platoon. Have control over the combat military forces. Before leading the force to participate in the wars. Will have to build barracks on a small island in the South Pacific. With many different projects, taking on specific roles. Includes barracks, defensive turrets, boathouses, hangars, and more. Each force can recruit many different units of soldiers. At the same time, it is necessary to upgrade to improve the ability in battle. Accordingly, in turn, build and upgrade the works. From there will create a strong garrison. It is possible to recruit units of soldiers and lead them to invade enemy islands. Or solid defense to extinguish the enemy’s intention to rob resources when landing on the island.Battle Islands

Raid enemy troops, smart strategy

After building your garrison and growing your army in Battle Islands. Can lead military forces to raid. By landing on enemy islands to destroy them. Wipe out the entire enemy base and win. From there successfully plunder valuable resources. Can use resources to improve your army. Then continue to raid the military base of new enemies. To win will require the tactics of a captain. Use units appropriately. As well as lead the army to attack according to a smart strategy. Point out directions to raid the enemy garrison from multiple positions. Destroy their defenses and go deeper into the base. Attack each building in turn until destroying them all.Game Battle Islands

Military forces

The military forces in Battle Islands are very diverse. Divided into sea, land, and air forces. Accordingly, each force consists of many different combat units. Examples at sea include warships used to transport soldiers. The air force consists of planes, which are used to attack in a variety of ways. In addition to the ability to transport soldiers and drop them by parachute. You can also drop bombs on enemy buildings. Likewise, the ground force consists of tanks, jeeps, and a number of other units. As can be seen, each force has its own distinctive style. Need to take advantage of them to use in battle. Landing on enemy bases according to tactics, constantly changing to suit the situation. Help you win, plunder their resources.Tai Battle Islands

Online mode, alliance

It’s even more fun to join the Battle Islands game. Can experience online multiplayer mode. From there fight with friends to find the winner. By leading your military force in possession. Compete with their military unit for supremacy. In addition, you can form an alliance with other captains. Use the system-provided real-time chat. Come up with your own strategies for finding solutions. Get together on a tactic and execute. Launch a large-scale attack on the bases of other alliances. Prove your and your allies’ military might. By defeating enemy troops, destroy defenses and structures.Download Battle Islands

Resources used in Battle Islands include gold and weapon chests. Each type is used for different activities in the construction process. As well as developing military forces to improve the combat ability of soldiers. Or upgrade buildings to create a solid garrison. Through the war to invade the enemy base. After winning, you will receive a large number of weapon chests. At the same time, there is a chance to collect a small amount of gold to accumulate.

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Name ID Battle Islands
Updated On 16/05/2023
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Size 77MB
New version 5.4
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money, Troops
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Update 16/05/2023 (1 year ago )