Empire Takeover: Win by IQ 2.7.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]
Empire Takeover: Win by IQ 2.7.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]

Empire Takeover: Win by IQ 2.7.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond]

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Build a kingdom of your own in Empire Takeover: Win by IQ. Accordingly will have to participate in the invasion. In order to expand the territory to increase the larger area. But to do that will have to fight many different countries. Defeat their army and win. Then open can expand the territory of the kingdom. This game opens many matches in its own style. You can go to the battles to take over the castle. Or lead the hero to increase the number of troops through calculations. Then attack the enemy army force to rob the stronghold. Moreover, the game is designed in an artistic style. Combined with bright image quality. Will bring a life experience when participating.

Empire Takeover: Win by IQ MOD APK – Connect Citadels To Take Over And Build The Kingdom

Empire Takeover: Win by IQ game offers 3 special modes. Includes stage mode, peace mode, and offline mode. Each mode opens up matches in its own style. The difference is reflected in strategy and content. When participating in any mode, will have to follow the given rules. In stage creation mode, it is possible to design the levels yourself. Then share with friends or players around the world. Peace mode will keep you away from multiplayer war. Finally, the offline mode, is completely free to play, because no network connection is required. Can be experienced anytime, anywhere to enjoy an enjoyable leisure time.Empire Takeover- Win by IQ

Match-based quests with increased difficulty

Take on the mission to expand the territory according to the campaign of Empire Takeover: Win by IQ. Unleash invasion attacks on a match-by-match basis. Through it connects the citadel together. The goal is to take over the entire enemy castle to win. From there can complete the task and successfully expand the area.

Continue to participate in new matches. Will have to compete with many different armies. They also have the same purpose as you, which is to conquer territory. Therefore, the difficulty will increase with many changing factors. The number of armies of the kingdoms will increase even more. Until the terrain conditions to connect with the enemy castles. There will be obstacles in the way of connecting, causing you to change your strategy.Game Empire Takeover- Win by IQ

The gameplay takes place, at the max level of the castle

Empire Takeover: Win by IQ ‘s match process. Each kingdom is represented through the citadel with its own distinctive color. At the same time possessing different numbers of troops, shown by the number on the castle. As was introduced about the gameplay from earlier. To lead the army to attack the castle of the enemy army. Will have to connect the citadel together, and create roads. From there, the soldier unit will move over to attack. When two units of the two castles face off on the road, they will lose their lives. At the same time, if you let enemy soldiers enter the castle, the number of troops will decrease.

Based on the height of the castle will correspond to the number of soldiers taking over. When reaching a certain stage, reach the maximum number of troops. That will help your castle become higher. But if you let enemy units attack. The height of the castle will also decrease.Tai Empire Takeover- Win by IQ

Your strategy

Your strategy is one of the very important factors in Empire Takeover: Win by IQ. To be able to win against the enemy armies. Successfully expanded the territory and increased the area of ​​the kingdom. It is necessary to observe the location of the citadel and the number of troops taking over. From there, connect each citadel in turn for the soldiers to attack. Each successful takeover of a castle will help your army become stronger. Because there will be an advantage over the remaining castles. It is possible to open many paths, by connecting with each other. Then will quickly win to expand the territory.Download Empire Takeover- Win by IQ

Modified MOD information of Empire Takeover: Win by IQ

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • Huge Amount Of diamond

Heroes can be recruited in Empire Takeover: Win by IQ. Then accompany them to lead soldiers to participate in the siege war. Through the path towards the enemy’s castle. With the appearance of basic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Through that, you will have to choose the growth calculation to increase the number of troops. The goal is to get as many troops as possible. Because after approaching the enemy’s city gate. It will open an extremely fierce and fierce war between the two factions. If you successfully wipe out all enemy troops, you will win.

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Name ID Empire Takeover: Win by IQ
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher SkyDragon Games
Size 152MB
New version 2.7.8
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond
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