BATTLE PLAN 1.2.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Attack Speed]
BATTLE PLAN 1.2.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Attack Speed]

BATTLE PLAN 1.2.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Attack Speed]

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BATTLE PLAN takes place in fierce matches. The content is built in the style of city defense. Quest against attack from monsters. That opens up interesting single-player gameplay. Use randomly generated items to attack. Combined with the equipped defensive weapon system. In order to stop the enemy force in large numbers from approaching. By destroying them all, wipe them out to win. Then complete the mission to continue participating in new challenges. This game is a strategy game genre. Combined with the element of defense against the attacks of creatures. From that content will open a campaign with many different tasks. Recreated in a world full of dangers.

Description about BATTLE PLAN MOD APK – Prevent Monster Attacks

According to the campaign of the game BATTLE PLAN. Open the mission system according to each level of play. Engage in defensive combat, with a mix of action elements. Your mission is to stop the attack of dangerous creatures. Each level opens up an intense defensive battle. After passing the challenge to complete the mission at a level. Can continue to come up with new challenges. The difficulty of the quest at the next level from there increases. With the appearance of many other creatures. They possess superior defense. At the same time, the number also increased more than before. Make your defenses constantly active. Non-stop attack to stop. Win each match in turn, will have the opportunity to receive many valuable items.Game BATTLE PLAN

Gameplay, defense process

The course of the defensive battle in BATTLE PLAN. On an arena divided into 4 straight routes. Each route will be equipped with a ranged attack weapon. From the opposite direction of each line is the portal of darkness. Where dangerous creatures and monsters appear. They will attack to carry out the invasion plot. As soon as it appears, it will fall into the sights of the defense system. Will continuously attack to deal damage to enemies. Besides, it is possible to monitor the progress bar at each level of play. From there you will know how long the task takes place. If it is not possible to stop the attack from the monsters. The defense system is destroyed, giving them an opportunity to attack. Cause the amount of health is depleted, then it will mean the mission failed.Ear BATTLE PLAN

Power Cards

Besides the equipped weapon system, will automatically attack the enemy. BATTLE PLAN also provides many randomly generated powerups. Expressed through cards with different symbols. Can be used directly in a defensive battles to prevent attacks from monsters. Typical are stone cards, lightning, fireballs, daggers, tornadoes, etc. Many more cards will be discovered after going through many levels of play. Each type of card carries a special power. With its own unique attack method to deal damage to enemies. For example, the fireball when used will create lava falling from the sky. Fly to the designated location to cause a fire in the surrounding area. Lightning can only fire on a single target. Or the rock card creates a giant rock, which will roll on a chosen route.BATTLE PLAN

Against a variety of monsters, bosses

From the defensive battle in the BATTLE PLAN. Will have to fight a lot of different enemies. They are dangerous creatures, monsters. Shaped in many scary designs. The difference is not only that but also reflected in the speed of movement. Along with the ability to defend against attacks from you and the weapon system. As well as possessing a large amount of blood. Each type of enemy will have its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, monsters have slow movement speed and superior defense abilities. Conversely, enemies that can move quickly will be easily destroyed when they have to take the lead. It doesn’t stop there when it comes to a certain stage in the level of participation. Will have to face the boss attack. Those are larger-sized monsters. As well as possessing strength that surpasses ordinary enemies.Download BATTLE PLAN

Through the levels play in the BATTLE PLAN. Have the opportunity to explore many different environments. Including volcanic areas, arctic cold regions, pine forests, in the desert. There are some other locations that will be unlocked when participating. Each place is a simulated landscape in its own style. That difference is also reflected in many factors. Especially the defense system of each location will not be the same. For example, in the pine forest, crossbows will be used to shoot arrows. But when switching to the volcanic area will use grenade artillery.

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Updated On 13/07/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Art-Storm
Size 43MB
New version 1.2.8
MOD Info Menu, Attack Speed
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