Benji Bananas 1.68 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Bananas]
Benji Bananas 1.68 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Bananas]

Benji Bananas 1.68 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Bananas]

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Benji Bananas is a rope swing game combined with the theme of walking. Unleash an exciting adventure revolving around the monkey. Will have to cross many different areas to move forward. Aim to collect bananas and peppers along the way that swings through many locations. This game uses realistic physics, along with fun in each action. Promises to bring you a lively journey when participating. With many different features to increase the experience. In addition to the challenges of the terrain to cling to the rope and swing forward. It is also possible to unlock many pieces of equipment to change the appearance of the monkey. Moreover, the 3D graphics system is sharp. Cartoon-style picture quality. Mixed with fun sound effects.

Benji Bananas MOD APK – Accompany the Swinging Monkey in Adventure

According to the mechanics of the game, Benji Bananas. Uses the realistic physics of swinging action. Start by jumping up and clinging to the vines. According to the force of inertia and speed when clinging to the rope. Take advantage of that to build momentum and move forward. Continue flying for a long distance until the force of inertia decreases. This will shorten the altitude above the ground. At this point, you need to be aware of the ropes that the monkey may touch during the fall. Focus on observing and quickly click to stick. From there will rise to continue the adventure-going scene.Benji Bananas

Many obstacles

The course of the adventure in Benji Bananas. There are many different challenges to face. Those are objects that appear unexpectedly while swinging. If touched, it will cause the monkey to be impacted and reduce the force of inertia. This makes the journey to the scene difficult to achieve with high achievements. It is also dangerous to not be able to hold onto the rope during the fall. Examples include a thorn ball, a bucket of water falling from the top, and a wooden stick wrapped in ropes. More will appear as the monkey goes further.

Face the obstacles that appear during the scene. It is difficult to dodge because the monkey swings at a very fast speed. Especially you cannot interfere while moving forward. What can be done is just touch to be able to accurately grasp the rope to continue the journey.Game Benji Bananas

Collect bananas to upgrade

There is a fruit that the monkey in Benji Bananas really likes, which is the yellow banana. They appear in large numbers during the adventure. Swinging and moving forward will collect a lot. Because bananas appear along the areas that the uncle will swing through. Accordingly, the above fruit is used for upgrading. So that the monkey can swing and overcome challenges, in order to achieve long distances. It is necessary to use accumulated bananas to upgrade abilities. Increasing the stats will give you a chance to gain new achievements.Tai Benji Bananas

Get support from many things

Besides the accumulation of bananas that appear in Benji Bananas. It is also possible to collect peppers that appear randomly. Then will increase the speed of the monkey or faster. Especially there is a chance to find many enhancement items. Includes a rocket backpack, a military plane, and a hot air balloon. Moreover, there are animals such as eagles and parrots. They appear randomly at a location during the adventure. When the monkey touches it, it will immediately be supported. No need to swing, you can still travel long distances. But it should be noted that support can only be received for a certain period of time.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, there is also a chance to collect magnet tools. Will help the monkey suck all the bananas that appear around. Then will accumulate a large amount after the adventure ends.

Explore many scenic spots

From the adventure with the monkey in Benji Bananas. There will be opportunities to explore many different scenic spots. Includes jungle, waterfall, and temple ruins. Each location will be simulated as a separate vivid world. With the appearance of a lot of obstacles. As well as creating different ropes for the monkey to swing. Examples include vines, burning ropes, and even snakes. However to be able to explore a new place. It is necessary to pass many levels during the adventure.Download Benji Bananas

As introduced earlier about the equipment in Benji Bananas. To change the appearance of the monkey to become more prominent. Can unlock different items. Examples include ninja costumes and gas masks. Compared to how it looked at the beginning of the adventure. When you are equipped, there will be a difference. This keeps you entertained. As well as increasing the experience more attractive.

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Name ID Benji Bananas
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Animoca Brands
Size 31MB
New version 1.68
MOD Info Unlimited Bananas
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )