Blast Hero 0.19.70 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Blast Hero 0.19.70 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Blast Hero 0.19.70 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Blast Hero is an idle fighting game. Built content based on archery style. Your mission is to become a hero to start the journey. Use equipped weapons and attack the monsters flying in the sky. Aim to destroy all of them to wipe them out. Aim to climb to the top of the tower to complete the mission. Follow the opening gameplay revolving around archery action. When participating will enjoy many interesting features. Explore the game’s plot-based quest system. There is also the opportunity to earn bonuses to accumulate. From there, it is used to enhance the hero’s fighting ability. As well as building structures on islands in the ocean. Create a dream world of your own design.

Description about Blast Hero MOD APK – Archery Kill Monsters To Climb To The Top Of The Tower

Build gameplay according to archery idle mechanics. The game Blast Hero opens an interesting quest. Especially in a new style. Instead of attacking enemies from a distance like in similar game genres. Here you will have to attack the monsters from above. They hover in the air and attack in a variety of ways. Your task is to climb the floors of the tower to overcome the challenge. Accordingly, it will have to wipe out all monsters. Sometimes you will have to fight dangerous bosses in the final tower of war. Moreover, you will receive gold coins after each level to unlock and upgrade.Blast Hero

Tasks according to each floor of the towers

Based on the archery story of Blast Hero. Open battles to climb to the top of the tower. Thereby recreating diverse tasks in different environments. Each tower is divided into several floors, each floor corresponds to a level. Play as a hero to use bows and arrows to attack. Kill all the monsters in the air to be able to climb to the next floor. Pass each level, in turn, to successfully climb to the top of the tower. That will complete a battle. Can open a plot of land to increase the area of ​​the island you own. Accordingly, new buildings will be built. Aim to create a large island in the ocean.Blast Hero  APK

The incremental challenge, skill

After each start a new level on the next floor of the tower. The difficulty of the game Blast Hero has also increased since then. The hero will have to fight more monsters than before. At the same time, their capabilities are also improved. Attack more fiercely to cause more challenges. Accordingly, each time a monster is hit, the hero will lose a heart. When the number of hearts is exhausted, the hero will lose his life. Before the fierce attack from the monsters. Requires movement and observation skills that need to be combined. Quickly dodge attacks to protect yourself. Continue archery to destroy, wipe out the enemy and win.Ear Blast Hero

Temporary powers

Continue climbing to higher floors in Blast Hero ‘s tower. Will be selected as temporary strength for the hero. With a lot of different skills for you to use. For example, increase the maximum health, increase damage from arrows, and increase the number of arrows in one shot. Increase the chance to receive gold coins, improve the bow and arrow that can shoot in many directions, and electrocute after hitting the monster. There are many other skills that will be unlocked after participating in matches. Depends on the situation going on, as well as the hero’s abilities. That title makes the decision to choose the right skill. Help the hero strengthen his superior archery ability.

Many heroes

Coming to Blast Hero , you can role-play many different heroes. Each of them is an archer possessing outstanding fighting ability. The difference between them is reflected in their external appearance. Along with the costumes with their own unique style. The strength of each hero is shown through two stats. Includes damage from archery and maximum health. To be able to enhance each person’s ability. It is necessary to use the gold coins collected from the wars. From there, level up the hero to improve the stats.Download Blast Hero

After going through the floors of the towers in Blast Hero. Sometimes will have to fight monster bosses. They have far superior abilities. For example against a giant dragon. After successfully killing them will have to continue fighting with the dragon’s second life. With greater health and fireballs of lightning. Makes you have to work very hard and take a long time to attack. But after defeating the boss will receive a large number of bonuses. Besides, some towers will take you to the treasure floor. With an archery mission to destroy the chest. From there you will earn huge amounts of money.

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Name ID Blast Hero
Updated On 30/11/2022
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VOODOO
Size 84MB
New version 0.19.70
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 30/11/2022 (1 year ago )