Block City Wars {{version}} APK MOD (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)
Block City Wars {{version}} APK MOD (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)

Block City Wars 7.3.1 APK MOD (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)

By The Toan - 20/02/2024 (1 week ago) - 51MB
Name Block City Wars
Updated On 20/02/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher D-Games Apps
Size 51MB
Version 7.3.1
MOD Features Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage
Genre ,
Update 20/02/2024 (1 week ago )

Block City Wars is considered a GTA version with the Minecraft design style. This game has captivated millions of fans around the globe, and now it’s your turn. In the game, you will have a role-playing experience and free action just like in GTA. It’s also a chance to explore exciting missions about the underworld, police, gangs, and more. The game gives you many cool things to do like weapons, vehicles, and armor. Choose the right items to enter the vast virtual world here. Many missions are waiting for you.

Download Block City Wars – Role play and act in the open world

The appeal of Block City Wars proved not to be inferior to the versions in the GTA series. This game also comes with a large and detailed open world, allowing you to move and act freely. But everything designed in Minecraft style should be much closer. The action, shooting, and survival elements are also less violent, so it is suitable for all players. However, this does not reduce the heat of gunfights, racing, or street fights.


Explore missions and modes

Unlike GTA, this game has many different modes to choose from. Specifically, there are up to 13 modes that allow connecting multiplayer, such as:

Street Race: This is the place for fiery races on the street. You will race with your friends or the police in real-time.

Team Deathmatch: Teaming up with friends and surviving in the virtual world is your mission here. Weapons are guns.

Free PVP Fight: In this mode, you have the right to act freely as you like. Of course, many other players will be present and find ways to thwart your plans.

Tank Battles: A mode exclusively for those who like tanks. You will have the opportunity to drive heavy tanks and fight with others.

In addition, there are other famous modes such as Infection Zombie and Single Mission. Each mode offers exciting battles and adventures. You can either co-op or single-player, but you always have the opportunity to compete with online multiplayer in every mode. Get ready to discover tons of activities in your favorite modes.


Act your way

As can be seen, Block City Wars is a collection of many modes. Thereby, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with different styles of action. A battlefield is a place where you can unleash gunfights, race cars, explore, team up, and do more. There seems to be no limit to what you should do. In other words, you are the one who plans, chooses weapons, vehicles, and allies, and executes the plan. Moreover, the missions also let you discover everything about the gangster and the underworld.


Unlock the item system in the shop

Besides the diverse mission system, this game will make you overwhelmed with the inventory of items. Specifically, it has more than 100 weapon units with the most popular types such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and more. You can also drive more than 50 different types of vehicles. There are outstanding vehicle models such as cars, sports cars, motorcycles, tanks, jets, military helicopters, horse-drawn carriages, etc. Each type of vehicle will have its own function to serve the needs of the customers. Your duties.

For example, if you are into racing, sports cars or cars are the right choices. But only tanks are the most ideal vehicle for heavy battles in Tank Battles mode. In addition, the game also offers many other interesting things such as character skins. You can customize your hero with costumes ranging from momentum to personality. If you like flying in the air, add a jetpack. The game also has a variety of armor types, helping you to defend better. To unlock all this you should download the version of the game.


Design square blocks like Minecraft

Unlike GTA, this game is designed with a blocky pixel style. This style once appeared in the legendary Minecraft game. Thanks to that, this game brings the necessary closeness to the sandbox world here. The details in the sandbox from characters to streets, buildings, vehicles, and weapons are quite sharp. Interactions such as driving, shooting, moving, etc. are also quite smooth. As a result, the game promises to bring an immersive experience – refreshing action.

MOD Feature of Block City Wars

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • Free shopping
  • everything unlocked
  • god mode

Block City Wars is waiting for you with mafia-specific missions. Are you ready yet? Now is the time to step into the blocky sandbox world and show your bravery. Grab your favorite gun and drive the fastest vehicle for an advantage in every mode. Don’t forget that you will be competing against many players. If you want to win, you should co-op with trusted friends.