Bullet Force {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Ammo)
Bullet Force {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Ammo)

Bullet Force 1.100.1 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Ammo)

By The Toan - 27/11/2023 (3 months ago) - 400MB
Name Bullet Force
Updated On 27/11/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Size 400MB
Version 1.100.1
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Ammo
Update 27/11/2023 (3 months ago )

The enemy is ahead, there is no choice but to fight. Use the equipped weapon to participate in the Bullet Force ‘s gun battle. Perform the duties of a warrior in destroying the enemy. Through competition on the open battlefield with the participation of many other shooters. So that all players can easily access and experience. This game is opened by the system to two modes of play online and offline. Along with fierce battles according to many rules and unique gameplay, with attractive content on the subject of shooting. At the same time, there is also the opportunity to enjoy the diverse gun system, with many different types. To increase the realism in the combat process, the game’s graphics are used based on sharp 3D background.

Download Bullet Force – Compete With Guns On The Open Battlefield

Follow the first-person shooter gameplay of Bullet Force. Simulate the open battlefield with the participation of a large number of rival gunmen. Use the equipped gun to join the battle. Your mission against enemy forces by shooting them down. Simultaneously survive against fierce attacks from guns. The goal is to be the last man alive with excellent achievements. Successfully defeat the enemy with as many points as possible. From there, win convincingly to have a chance to get on the leaderboard. At the same time, there is a chance to receive a valuable reward corresponding to the achievement in the process of performing the task.Bullet Force

Rules and combat skills

According to the rules of Bullet Force , it opens up to a maximum of 20 people in battle. Through role-playing as gunmen to fight competitively. To find the person with the best performance and win. To be able to survive against a large number of enemies on the battlefield. Requires your skills to be continuously improved. Combine observation and technique of using guns to attack enemies, to destroy. There are many situations in the war that are unpredictable. For example, enemies appear randomly and can take your life at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to observe sensitively and handle situations flexibly when facing danger. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide when needed. At the same time take advantage of the opportunity to quickly open fire and shoot down the enemy.Game Bullet Force

Mission by campaign

Come to Bullet Force which can be played in offline mode. Accordingly, you will be able to experience it for free without an internet connection. Go on campaign mode missions to fight enemy forces. They are AI-driven with an ever-evolving mechanism. For example, after finishing a match continue entering a new battle. The enemy’s ability will be improved with superior attack power. They even know how to coordinate with each other tactically. Meanwhile, you can only perform the task alone, without support from allies.Ear Bullet Force

There are 4 online game modes

Learn about the game modes of Bullet Force. There are 4 different modes, including free for all, team battle, conquest, and gun game. Each mode opens up shooting wars according to its own content. Revolving around the theme of shooting to compete in the fierce arena. For example, the team mode takes place in a survival attack between two teams. Compete in real-time to find the team with the most kills. Or a free-for-all mode featuring various armed shooters. Without allies, everyone will attack each other to find the last survivor. Here, the common ground between the game modes is shown through the gunmen. All are online players from many parts of the world.

Unlock more than 20 guns

Discover more than 20 weapons of Bullet Force. Those are guns designed to attack in their own way. For example, rifles with mobility can fire continuously in a short time. The sniper rifle has the ability to accurately aim from a long distance, easily shooting down enemies with just one bullet. Or pistols with the advantage of mobility when attacking at close range. There are many other types that will be unlocked by using money to buy.Download Bullet Force

In addition to the gun system, Bullet Force also provides more than 30 different camouflage skins. Once owned, they can be customized to change color. Aim to create a gun with your own design. Besides, it is also possible to attach additional equipment to use the gun more effectively on the battlefield. For example attaching optical sights, laser sights, and accessories to the barrel.