Zombie War Idle Defense 248 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, free purchase]

Zombie War Idle Defense 248 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, free purchase]

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Zombie War Idle Defense 248 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, free purchase]

Prevent attacks from zombies in Zombie War Idle Defense Game. Following the action gameplay is combined with shooting elements. Your mission is to recruit the characters, along with the support from the shooting machine. Aim to stop the waves of attacks from scary zombies. Wipe them all to win and complete the assigned mission. This game is a perfect combination of tower defense, shooting, and idle action genres. Accordingly, there will be many outstanding and interesting features for you to experience when participating. Especially can be played in offline mode. Besides, the graphics system is designed in 3D. With vivid picture quality and stunning attack effects. The combined sound system is reproduced impressively.

Zombie War Idle Defense Game MOD APK – Idle Game Zombie Defense

The setting unfolds in a fantasy world in the year 2113. The prophecy of a worldwide pandemic has been fulfilled and fulfilled. Followed by the appearance of a mysterious virus, an unknown cause broke out. In a short period of time, they have spread rapidly at breakneck speed. All people infected with the virus turn into scary zombies. Their mechanism is corroded and always in a thirst for blood. Faced with the apocalypse of all mankind, humans are pushed into an unequal battle for the right to survive. In that event, you are one of the lucky survivors who have not been infected. Now will be tasked with leading the heroes to open a defensive campaign and stop the zombies.Zombie War Idle Defense Game MOD

Multiple environments

Zombie defense battles will take place in many different environments. For example, on the lawns of the castle, on the seashore, in the frozen snow, in the desert, and on the street. Each location is reproduced with outstanding landscapes and has its own style. Along with that is the appearance of different zombie enemy forces. Accordingly, to be able to explore a new environment will have to complete the required combat mission. After meeting the conditions will be unlocked by the system. Along with that are new challenges waiting ahead to be overcome.Game Zombie War Idle Defense Game MOD

Game mechanics with features

The gameplay mechanism of the game Zombie War Idle Defense Game is designed to be simple. Wear idle style during defensive battles. Under that you can turn on Auto Mode automatic attack mode. Then the shooter will prioritize attacking the enemy at the nearest range. Or turn off Auto Mode to freely control and attack in your own way. Besides, it is also possible to use support items during the battle. Just tap and drag on the crowd of zombies to activate. From there, create great destructive power to cause damage to the enemy.Ear Zombie War Idle Defense Game MOD

More than 100 missions

Follow the campaign mission, and unlock challenging levels with more than 100 different missions. Accordingly, you can assemble a group of up to 4 heroes, along with support from the shooter. Fight against incoming waves of zombies. The target shoots down all of them and doesn’t let them attack the defenses. After wiping out all enemies will win and complete a level. It is possible to continue to new levels with increased difficulty and many variations. Shown by a larger number of attacking zombies than before. At the same time, there are many new enemies with superior abilities. Make heroes face many challenges to be able to destroy.

Recruit heroes

There are many different characters for you to recruit. These can be mentioned as superheroes, western gunslingers, gurus, witches, wizards, … and many more. Each character is uniquely shaped, which can be seen through appearance, costume, and appearance. At the same time, they also possess different fighting abilities. Shown through attack styles such as using guns to fire bullets, casting spells, shooting lightning, and more. Each person’s ability is also assessed through indicators. Includes attack, speed, luck, and critical rate. Accordingly, you can level up to increase combat stats. As well as learning new skills to enhance abilities.Download Zombie War Idle Defense Game MOD

Start the journey in the game Zombie War Idle Defense Game. Heroes will be supported by an arrow machine. Go after completing the missions to come to new levels. Upgrades can be made to enhance the capabilities of the shooter. As well as change new support weapons to attack more superior. Accordingly, these can be mentioned as laser guns, ice guns, and revolvers. Each weapon possesses a powerful attack ability. It is also possible to activate special skills to increase combat power for a short period of time.

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Name ID Zombie War Idle Defense
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Size 126MB
New version 248
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money diamonds, free purchase
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