Fan of Guns 1.1.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, free shopping]
Fan of Guns 1.1.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, free shopping]

Fan of Guns 1.1.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, free shopping]

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Do you want to be part of a pixel game? Enjoy shooting matches? The game Fan of Guns meets those two factors. Role-play as a gunman to join the war on the open map. Under the first-person perspective to perform missions to compete with rivals. At the same time destroy the enemy so that you can protect yourself against dangers. Then will win to receive valuable rewards. Moreover, this game also combines many different game modes. When participating, you will have to combine your skills to use assault guns. Special attention should be paid to the gameplay of this game. This is an online shooting game, the opponents are players from all over the world.

Fan of Guns MOD APK – Pixel Style Online Shooting War

Fan of Guns is a shooting game that sets itself apart from similarly themed titles. With a combination of pixel-style 3D graphics. Simulate the environment, and landscape and shape the character in the form of a square. Along with that is the combination of a diverse color system. They are used to recreate the varied and vast environments of the battlefield. Along with that, the sound quality is designed to be authentic. Based on the activities taking place, revolve around your movements. As well as shooting action when using weapons to attack. The sound will change flexibly and appropriately to increase the experience during combat.Fan of Guns

Compete in real-time

The gameplay of the game Fan of Guns takes place in real time. Play as a gunman to join the battle on the open map. Compete with other online shooters for survival. Show your skills to shoot down the target, wipe it all out, and end the game. Win convincingly for valuable rewards. Based on your rank will be received the corresponding amount of bonuses. Then you can continue to participate in new battles. Have the opportunity to meet many other players to fight. With the difference in skills and attack style of each person. That will leave you with many challenges, requiring skills to improve.Download Fan of Guns

Gameplay up to 10 people

According to information provided by Fan of Guns. Each battle takes place in competitive PvP mode with the participation of up to 10 gunmen. On a large battlefield with fierce competition. You have no better choice but to fight. Because only when you shoot down the enemy can you survive.

Accordingly, it will have to use the control mechanism of the Fan of Guns. With an intuitively designed interface. Expressed through unique symbols to perform attack action. As well as navigate the character’s movement on the battlefield. To deploy strategy to be able to destroy the enemy, with the desire to win.Game Fan of Guns

Skills and experience

Your skills can decide the outcome of the battle in Fan of Guns. Facing tough challenges requires flexible skills. Use the equipped gun to shoot accurately and shoot down. At the same time, you need to gain experience to handle the situation. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain and hide from the onslaught of enemies. Rely on your skills and experience to be able to win by wiping out the enemy. Then there will be an opportunity to increase your rank to prove your achievements to other players.

Combine 12 game modes

As introduced Fan of Guns is an online shooting game. But to increase the experience for everyone when participating. The publisher has combined 12 different modes. In order to bring the most attractive shooting matches. Includes team battle mode, against zombies, arms race, hide and seek, and war. Random mode, maniac, AWP, defense, point shooting, bombing, and duel. Relying on the variety of modes will open extremely intense battles. The participation of the gunmen to carry out missions according to attractive gameplay in each mode. From there, you will be able to enjoy shooting content in the form of pixels that the game brings.Tai Fan of Guns

Modified MOD information of Fan of Guns

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money gems
  • free shopping

More than 40 different weapons are provided by Fan of Guns. Own a diverse arsenal of guns. You can choose to change your attack style and fight in your own style. Examples are sniper rifles, mobile pistols, long guns, and machine guns. There are many other guns to be discovered after joining. Each type is designed in pixel form. At the same time possessing parameters such as the number of bullets, and the damage generated. However, to unlock your favorite gun, you will have to use the money to buy it. Possessing can help you increase efficiency in battle.

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Name ID Fan of Guns
Updated On 13/05/2023
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Vanguard Gaming Studio
Size 62MB
New version 1.1.02
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping
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Update 13/05/2023 (1 year ago )