Going Balls 1.89 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads]

Going Balls 1.89 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads]

By The Toan - (Period 4 weeks ago)
Going Balls 1.89 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads]

Open up the roads full of challenges in the rolling ball game. Through the action game Going Balls is completely free. Let all players have a fun entertainment time. Enjoy the simple gameplay, but it will be fun to join. It will even be addictive to rollerball theme lovers. However, to increase the attractiveness during the game. This game is also used by the publisher with action elements. Recreate the collision between the ball and the obstacles. With a variety of traps, as well as valuable rewards that can be collected. Moreover, the system will automatically turn off the advertising feature. This will improve the experience, not feel uncomfortable during the game. At the same time enjoy vivid graphics.

Going Balls MOD APK – Control the Ball Roll Through All Barriers To Reach The Finish

Going Balls is a rolling ball game. Revolving around the operation that controls the ball to roll forward. Through it, you will discover many different balls. For example, billiard balls, eyes, watermelons, and balls with their own unique colors. They are impressively designed, with a difference in shape. This will keep you from getting bored. When you can feel the excitement from each type of ball on the road. However, despite being a completely free game. But that doesn’t mean choosing your favorite balls for free. Instead need to unlock it to be able to use the ball you want. Through accumulating bonuses received from adventures. From there, use it to trade, and buy new balls to experience.Going Balls

Challenge by level will increase gradually

For the rolling ball game genre like Going Balls. There is not a specific plot, but rather a general quest. This will be the system that opens challenges according to each level. With a series of quests that gradually increase after completion. Each level opens up an obstacle course adventure. Your task is to control the rolling ball to keep moving forward. Overcome all obstacles, towards the finish line at the end of the road. From there will complete the task to receive the reward. Then will be to the next level. The challenge will gradually increase with more difficulty than before. The distance the ball needs to roll will be longer, and the number of barriers is more. But at the same time, the bonus received after completion will be much larger. Help you accumulate to discover more new content of the game.Tai Going Balls

Number of plays collect coins

The process of controlling the ball rolling on the roads of Going Balls. You need to note the number of shadows shown in the right corner. That is also the maximum number of turns in a level. After each roll, the moving route will be returned to the previous position to continue. But if you use up all the balls, you can’t reach the finish line. Will have to replay from the beginning of that level. In addition, throughout the process of rolling the ball on the road. Gold coins appeared scattered everywhere. Try to collect as much as you can and don’t miss any coins. Combination of bonuses received after completing the challenge. Will accumulate in large quantities. Or collect all 3 golden keys to open a treasure chest. Help you get more gold coins.Download Going Balls

Barrier objects, skills

The Rubik’s Cubes in Going Balls are barriers. Causes your ball to change direction, prone to falling out of the way. To be able to roll accurately, after each collision with those barriers. Flexible control is required to keep balance. From there will continue to roll forward, toward the destination. Or there will be some balls appearing. You will have to push them with your rolling ball to pass. More difficult obstacles will appear at later levels. To pass will require your control skills. Although the gameplay mechanics are simple, it’s not too complicated. Easy to implement to control the ball. But want to conquer all challenges, and overcome barriers. It is necessary to observe the road ahead, as well as improve skills to flexibly handle situations.Game Going Balls

Modified MOD information of Going Balls

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money diamonds
  • all balls unlocked
  • free shopping

In addition to Going Balls ‘s level-by-level game mode. You can enjoy even more exciting gameplay. Through the competition, many balls roll on the road. But need to connect to the internet. Because the opponents are all online players. They are all connected by the server system and randomly arranged in the rolling ball race. The main goal is to get past all the opponent’s balls. Then move to the finish line with the lead position. Win convincingly against other balls.

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Name ID Going Balls
Updated On 17/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Size 156MB
New version 1.89
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money diamonds, all balls unlocked, No ads
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Update 17/06/2024 (4 weeks ago )