NERF Epic Pranks 1.9.13 APK MOD [Stupid Bot, No Attack]
NERF Epic Pranks 1.9.13 APK MOD [Stupid Bot, No Attack]

NERF Epic Pranks 1.9.13 APK MOD [Stupid Bot, No Attack]

By The Toan - 13/01/2024 (3 months ago) - 119MB
Name NERF Epic Pranks
Updated On 13/01/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher HOMA GAMES
Size 119MB
Version 1.9.13
MOD Features Stupid Bot, Don't Attack
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Update 13/01/2024 (3 months ago )

NERF Epic Pranks is a funny and exciting game. It gives players a fun and challenging experience with unique NERF wars. In this game, you will play the role of a mischievous character. You use your creativity to prank and tease the people around you. With a creative approach and extremely fun, you must find a way to use NERF guns to carry out your pranks. Also, solve puzzles and even challenge game characters. With lovely graphics, simple but attractive gameplay mechanics, and various funny situations, NERF Epic Pranks promises to bring moments of relaxation and non-stop laughter.

Download NERF Epic Pranks –  Become a prank master

Becoming a prank master requires a player’s cunning. It also requires creativity and the ability to perform flexible tricks. You will step into the role of a professional prankster. Ready to face the toughest challenges in teasing friends and family? Or even fictional enemies. The game has diverse contexts, such as schools, parks, or even at home. You will need to use sharp eyesight. That’s how to find the weak points of the target. You can set magic traps. Use smart items. Or even creative NERF equipment to create funny situations. It is essential to know how to use the right moment and opportunity. You will have prank parties with fun and unexpected reactions from other players. Being a prank master is more than just being naughty. It also requires the ability to think tactically and creatcreativelynd the limit. You will face increasingly complex and diverse challenges, from clever hiding to using intelligence to deceive pursuers.

Collect different Blasters

With NERF Epic Pranks, collecting different types of Blasters is an important activity. It helps to create unique and diverse pranks. You will have the opportunity to collect many different types of NERF guns. Each type has unique characteristics and abilities. From ranged guns to close-range guns. You’ll have to figure out how to use the right gun to pull off some impressive pranks for each situation. Each type of Blaster has unique features and effects. Thereby helping you create flexible and funny jokes. You can experiment and combine different guns to create new prank schemes, from creating sophisticated traps to creatively teasing other players.

Unlock all characters and costumes

In N.ERF Epic Pranks, you can enjoy customizing and transforming your character from outfits to hairstyles and makeup. Each character has its unique character and style. This helps you create your jokes and teasing. During the gameplay, you will collect bonuses and record points to unlock new characters and costumes. From classic pranksters to cool cartoon characters. Unlocking new characters and costumes every time brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. This activity helps you create an exciting world in the game. Character customization and costume changes also help you create different and new expressions. This makes the playing experience more attractive than ever.


In NERF Epic Pranks, engaging in combat is integral to the gameplay experience. You will face intelligent opponents and find a way to win the matches. When participating in battles, you can use different types of Blasters. They are used to attack and tease opponents. You can choose from a wide range of NERF guns. From ranged guns to close-range guns. Thereby creating the best strategy based on the specific situation. Each type of Blaster has its features and abilities. This helps you customize your tactics. During matches, you must use the environment and surrounding items to create exciting jokes and tactics. Finding ways to use items to create special effects and advantages in battle will be an essential part of victory.

More than just an entertaining game, NERF Epic Pranks is also a lesson in how to come up with intelligent solutions in difficult situations. With beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay, and unlimited creative space, NERF Epic Pranks allows you to become a true prankster. Let’s show your talent and ability to create unique and unpredictable jokes with MODLMH.