Jackal Squad 0.0.1525 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]

Jackal Squad 0.0.1525 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]

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Jackal Squad 0.0.1525 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]

Jackal Squad will bring you back to your childhood with legendary jackal jeep battles. The game context will recreate the second world war when the Nazis attacked the Allies. You will play as a commander with a mission to rescue prisoners of war from enemy barracks and prisons. It’s time to show your moving and shooting talents. Just touch the screen to do these things, but is it as easy as you think? You must pass through the bullets from tanks, armed soldiers, and turrets. How long will you survive on the battlefield?

Jackal Squad MOD APK – Shooting arcade with pixel jeeps

This is your place to return to the era of arcade shooting war games. Here, you will play as a soldier driving a jeep with a classic pixel design. There are many missions for you in offline campaign mode. At the same time, the online mode also has battles waiting for you to join to earn rewards and rank up. Choose your favorite mode and go to war now. The most epic jeep battles will leave many memorable impressions right on the phone screen.


Join the ally rescue operation

In the campaign mode, the game offers many missions according to the level of progress. Basically, these missions are usually about rescuing captive allies, destroying enemy bases, and collecting loot on the battlefield. To complete the above tasks, you need to master a single control mechanism: using the joystick in the center of the screen. This joystick allows you to drive your way. Your jeep will automatically attack the target within the allowed distance. To be highly effective, you need a smart strategy.

Moving the jeep is not difficult, but how to destroy the enemy and still be safe? This is a question for every player entering the quest. A variety of enemies will point their guns at you from armed soldiers, tanks, fortresses, barracks, and more. Move skillfully to dodge the bullets from them. Besides, you need to destroy the barracks and rescue the prisoners. The rescue mission is completed only when you get the prisoner to the helicopter safely. At the end of the mission, you have to shoot down the power station to open the portal to the next challenge.


Upgrade your jeep

Over time, the missions in Jackal Squad become increasingly difficult. So to keep the edge you need to upgrade your jeep and weapons. To upgrade, you can spend money on raising the “Level” of the vehicle. The higher the level, the higher the stats like damage and HP, which means you have more advantages. Besides, the jeep has up to 6 equipment slots. Install new weapons, shields, modules, and necessary support items. They are only available in the reward chest or purchased from the shop.


Explore many battlefield maps

As the level progresses, the game will take you to various battlefields. It could be a hot desert map, a vast jungle, or a dangerous military base. Each battlefield is designed with its own type of terrain and obstacles. Therefore, you will have new challenges as you enter the new battlefield. The enemy system is also increasingly diverse as the level is higher. It’s your chance to explore and encounter dozens of wartime weapons, vehicles, and forces.

Featured enemies include tanks, helicopters, military planes, ships, and more. They bring about large-scale wars just like the second world war in human history. For each enemy, you need a separate action strategy. For example, for weakly armed soldiers, you can approach them at close range. But for helicopters or tanks, keep your distance to dodge bullets in time. At the same time, you need more powerful skills and weapons to destroy them.


Impressive pixel retro style

Besides the classic gameplay, this game also has a pixel design style. It is this that reminds gamers of interesting memories of previous retro games. This design style also contributes to the detailed description of each image on the battlefield. The weapons, vehicles, and war facilities are all quite realistic. Besides, the exciting shooting and explosive effects made the war even more explosive. This is a chance to enjoy the real heat of world war.

Modified MOD information of Jackal Squad

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • free shopping

Jackal Squad is available to download for free to your phone. Click the link in this article to do it. This game will give you a great fighting feeling with the classic jeep. Battles from the desert to the seaport always contain the most spectacular explosions. Drive your jeep skillfully to conquer every war!

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Name ID Jackal Squad
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Rocket Game Studio
Size 157MB
New version 0.0.1525
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping
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