Cartoon Crush 820 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gold gems]

Cartoon Crush 820 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gold gems]

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Cartoon Crush 820 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gold gems]

Test your puzzle skills in Cartoon Crush. With challenges unfolding with each puzzle level. Through creating links with colorful square blocks according to different symbols. According to the minimum matching mechanism of 3 or more identical blocks. From there you can perform a puzzling turn to continue the mission. The gameplay is similar to other match-3 puzzle-themed game genres. But the content is built in a whole new style. Along with a diverse mission system that needs to be overcome. Not stopping there, to increase the experience, as well as the desire to bring a more interesting puzzle journey. There are many support items for you to use during the puzzle.

Cartoon Crush MOD APK – Match the Blocks To Collect In Each Level

The puzzle game Cartoon Crush uses square blocks of different colors. Includes green, blue, purple, red, and yellow. Each cube will carry a unique symbol. These are the items used to perform the puzzle quest. But on some other levels, sometimes even the appearance of round lollipops. Moreover are the obstacles, expressed through different objects. For example wooden boxes, potions, balloons, piggy banks, diamonds, rings, and many others. Depending on the puzzle level, there will be different obstacles. They interfere with your task performance.Cartoon Crush

Quests according to puzzle levels

Similar to other puzzle games. The mission system of Cartoon Crush takes place at each level. At each level, there are conditions to collect items with different amounts. You need to match the square blocks in turn to collect. For example, the quest requires collecting 12 purple cubes, 15 yellow cubes, and 17 green cubes. After accumulating enough items given at the participating level. From there will complete the task and have the opportunity to receive interesting rewards.

Achievements in each mission are shown by the number of points and the number of stars. A puzzle level can reach up to 3 stars. To do that, you need to get the corresponding number of points. Accordingly, each star corresponds to a certain number of points. Go through puzzles and create combos. Also, complete the level with as few turns as possible. From there will increase the score bigger to achieve excellent performance.Game Cartoon Crush

Difficulty increases when starting a new quest

Every time complete a challenge to go to the next level of Cartoon Crush. The required condition of the quest will change. The number of blocks that need to be collected will increase even more than before. At the same time will increase the difficulty with many factors changing accordingly. Not only the shape of the chessboard is designed differently. But the square blocks are arranged complexly and do not have much alignment. Furthermore, obstacles may appear. This makes it difficult for you to solve the puzzle. By being hindered by obstacles. Just as squares of the same color appear discrete. It is difficult to create combos to get a high score in a puzzling turn.

In each puzzle level that takes place, there will be a limited number of turns. After completing the mission with as few puzzles as possible. The remaining turns will automatically generate boosters on the chessboard. From there create big explosions to increase the score higher. Help you achieve excellent results with up to 3 stars.Cartoon Crush

Support items

The process of performing tasks in Cartoon Crush. There is support from many different items. Includes boosters, bombs, and colorful stars. Each support item will bring a unique ability. For example, boosters will create a vertical or horizontal explosion. Depending on the direction of the rocket will determine that. Bomb with the ability to explode within a certain range. Likewise, the star with the characteristic color will collect the squares of the corresponding color. Especially when combining two support items together, it creates a much bigger explosion. For example, combining a star and a booster can clear the board.Download Cartoon Crush

Modified MOD information of Cartoon Crush

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gold gems
  • Huge Amount Of lives boosters
  • all cards unlocked

To create support items during the puzzle process at Cartoon Crush. There should be a combination in one turn with as many squares as the specified number. Example after matching red squares in bulk. Can generate a red star to solve the puzzle on the next turn. Or from unlocking treasure chests after completing quests. Unlocking will have the opportunity to receive support items to use.

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Name ID Cartoon Crush
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Zenith Games
Size 78MB
New version 820
MOD Info Unlimited money gold gems
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