Download Chimeraland 2.3.1 APK
Download Chimeraland 2.3.1 APK

Download Chimeraland 2.3.1 APK

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Chimeraland is a cross-platform online role-playing game. The game features a stylish and innovative virtual world. In Chimeraland, players will be immersed in an open world. You have the freedom to explore, build, and share unique experiences. The world of Chimeraland is rich with many geographical regions, from mythical areas and mystical valleys to vibrant modern cities. You can participate in many different activities. For example, you are conquering PvP matches, participating in exciting adventures, and building your dream house. Even experience storytelling quests in mystical lands.

Chimeraland MOD APK – Dinosaur attack

The dinosaur attack in Chimeraland is a dramatic experience. Players will have to face giant dinosaurs. They carry great power and danger. Dinosaurs in Chimeraland are designed with a variety of species and sizes. Each dinosaur has its way of attacking and reacting, from terrifying massive foot attacks to fire-breathing. Or even flying in the sky and throwing rocks to the ground. Dinosaur attacks can happen at any time. Players need to be ready to deal with them using weapons and skills. At the same time, find a way to explore and collect powerful pets to protect yourself. This confrontation requires reasonable fighting skills, calculation, and strategy. Dinosaurs can attack individually or collectively. Cooperation with other players can determine survival in the attack.

Treasure hunt and build houses

Treasure hunting is an integral part of the journey in Chimeraland. The game’s vast world is full of mysteries and treasures buried everywhere, from mysterious caves to deep forests. Players must explore, learn, and solve puzzles to defeat monsters. Thereby gathering information for a chance to gain valuable treasures. These rewards can be gold, jewelry, or even rare items. They help players improve their strengths and resources.

Building a house is also an essential part of creating a solid base. Players can customize and build homes as they want. Building a home is not only about creating a place of refuge and protection but also a way to express the player’s creativity. You can create unique works of art and plant trees. Or even build a bigger city with your own development and management system.

Explore the world

The world of Chimeraland consists of many different geographical regions. From the deep jungle with dense trees and wild animals to the tall mountains with pure white snow. You can also explore the immense sea. Vibrant cities and villages are also an essential part of the world. Here, people live and work in shops and other important places. Chimeraland is covered by a vast sky, with day and night alternating. The starry sky and weather phenomena create a dynamic and constantly changing space. Players can explore mysterious caves and dive to the bottom of the sea to discover ancient temples. Or climb to the top of a high mountain for a stunning view of the entire land. Chimeraland also stands out for its cultural and ethnic diversity. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with NPCs. Each has its own story and history. The quests and conversations in the game will lead you into a fascinating exploration of this world. At the same time, it creates unlimited experiences.

Customize appearance

Players can customize every aspect of the character, including appearance, outfit, and personality. You can change your character’s height, weight, face shape, bone structure, skin tone, and even eye and hair color. The customization system in Chimeraland allows you to express your creativity to create unique characters that reflect your personality. Outfits are also an essential part of customizing your appearance. You can choose from various outfits, from casual clothes to warrior armor. Each outfit is customizable in color. This allows you to express your taste.

Chimeraland is not just a game but also a passionate community. You can connect and interact with other players, build alliances, or even design and share your content. With diversity and creativity, Chimeraland offers players a world of wonder and exciting opportunities to create beautiful memories. MODLMH will always accompany you on the unique adventure that Chimeraland brings.

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Name ID Chimeraland: Jurassic Era
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Level Infinite
Size 76MB
New version 2.3.1
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