City Fighter vs Street Gang 3.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Orange]
City Fighter vs Street Gang 3.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Orange]

City Fighter vs Street Gang 3.1.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Orange]

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Based on the action gameplay in the game City Fighter vs Street Gang at MODLMH . Open matches against criminals and mafia gangs. Accordingly, you will play the role of a martial artist to enter a challenging adventure. Go on a quest to collect stolen oranges according to the plot. Thereby will have the opportunity to explore many locations with different environments. To increase the attraction for all players to join. There are many uniquely shaped characters, carrying the attack style of famous sects. Along with the combination of 3D graphics designed in retro form. With sound quality reproduced vividly in each scene. Along with the flexible movement of the characters when performing attacks and moves.

City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK – Fight Crime To Collect Oranges

The story revolves around the warrior’s thirst for orange juice. But to be enjoyed will not be easy at all. Criminals and gangsters have collected them all. Moreover, they also broke into the warrior’s house to steal. After being discovered, the oranges used to squeeze the juice were taken by criminals to their bosses. The warrior has embarked on a journey to get back the stolen oranges. It will have to go through extremely dramatic matches. Fight the criminals and mafia gangs that are getting in the way. Only by defeating them can you collect the oranges that have been taken.City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD

Explore many places

The warrior’s journey to regain the oranges will be opened in many different locations. Including on the street, town, military area, downtown, Samurai, and Bigboss. In each location, the surrounding environment is recreated in its own unique style. The position on the street will fight the pavement of the traffic routes. Military area, the setting opens in a barracks and is stationed by troops. Or the Samurai location that opens up in a town of cherry blossoms, covered in a rosy color that brings death. Accordingly, you will be able to explore each location in turn when you meet the conditions. Through the collection to accumulate enough stars are required.Download City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD

Battle by level

Take on level-by-level quests in each City Fighter vs Street Gang location. Each level opens a war against dangerous criminals. Without support from teammates, can only fight alone. Use attacks from arms and legs to perform combos. Through a combination of martial arts such as boxing, Kich Boxing, Kungfu, martial arts, Karate and Muay Thai. Defeat enemies one by one until wiping them all will win. From there it is possible to complete the quest in one level. Continue to the match in the next level. The challenge will increase making the match more dramatic. Shown in the number of criminals to kill more.Tai City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievements in each crime fighting level to collect oranges are rated by number of stars. Accordingly, if you achieve excellent results, you will be rated up to 3 stars. Here, the number of stars will correspond to the remaining health of the warrior after the end of the match. To be able to reach the maximum number of stars, it is necessary to dodge and ensure that the amount of health is not lost. Conversely, immediately after being hit by an enemy and dealing critical damage will immediately reduce 1 star. Accordingly, if the remaining health is not eligible, even only 1 star can be obtained.

Character system

There are many different characters for you to choose from and role-play. Including Arya, Chunlai, College Guy, Son, Racoon, Ceyo, Suvey,… and many more. They are all warriors shaped in their own distinctive style. It can be easily seen through the appearance of the difference in clothes, appearance, hairstyle, and gender. For example, Arya is a man wearing a blue shirt and black trousers. Or Ceyo is a stylish girl, with her hair tied in a bun. There are many other characters that you will learn after joining the game.Game City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD

The abilities of the characters in City Fighter vs Street Gang are evaluated through the stats. Includes leg strength, fist strength, health, defense skills, and weapon skills. Each type of index is displayed in detail, depending on the character will be evaluated separately. Besides, use the oranges collected after the matches. You can proceed to upgrade each stat to enhance the ability. Help warriors attack stronger in the next matches.

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Name ID City Fighter vs Street Gang
Updated On 20/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Game Theory Games
Size 150MB
New version 3.1.6
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Update 20/06/2024 (3 days ago )