CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited money gold ammo)
CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited money gold ammo)

CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER 6.1.1 APK MOD (Unlimited money gold ammo)

By The Toan - 15/05/2023 (10 months ago) - 198MB
Updated On 15/05/2023
Requires Android 3.0
Publisher Glu
Size 198MB
Version 6.1.1
MOD Features Unlimited money gold ammo
Update 15/05/2023 (10 months ago )

Get an assassination contract in the action game CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER. Follow that to role-play as an assassin. Perform different missions to destroy the target. From there earn bonuses and experience to develop your career. This is a story-driven shooting game. With different challenges to getting the contract. Need to perform and complete, thereby proving yourself as a professional assassin. From the battles will come the opportunity to enjoy many new features. The advanced weapon system is designed in a futuristic style. Battle sites are recreated, by receiving international contracts to travel around the world. With the fun of enjoying 3D graphics. With sharp image quality.

Download CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER – Make Contracts As an Assassin

Learn about the story of the game CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER. A new threat is approaching the city. These are mechanized combat units and Cyborgs. They are waging an invasion plot, aiming for domination. This is not all, because behind is a mysterious military organization. They have kidnapped the best scientists to do the research. To create nanocrystal technology for a purpose of strength development. Here, you are an assassin hired to stop the conspiracy of the organization. Fight the powerful enemy force and defend the city. Repel the invasion from combat units, as well as prevent the organization. Now show your skills as an assassin in combat. Destroy all targets with the weapon used.CONTRACT KILLER- SNIPER

Over 250 different missions

The story told above, revolves around protecting the city. CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER unlocks more than 250 different missions. Each mission is an assassination contract to fulfill. To demonstrate skills, as well as career development. Need to show yourself to complete challenging missions. Typically assassinating a most important target. Join the enemy battle to stop the invasion of enemy forces. Attacks the specified target from a long distance. Shoot down enemies at key locations in the venue. Or infiltrate the base of the organization, and attack their defense area. But it is necessary to ensure that the identity is not revealed. There are many other quests with new contracts that will be received after completing each mission.Game CONTRACT KILLER- SNIPER

Difficulty increases gradually require skill

Accept each contract, in turn, to perform the mission of an assassin at CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER. There will be many difficult challenges to face. Even if you don’t have good skills, you will even have to trade them with your life. Because the difficulty of each mission will increase. Not only the location of the war was changed. But there are also more enemies with superior abilities. As well as the number of enemies that need to be destroyed is larger than before. In some missions, will have to fend off an onslaught from combat vehicles. To be able to win and complete the mission. Your assassin skill requirements need to continuously improve. Use equipped weapons to strike with precision. By aiming and firing quickly, as well as hiding safely when in danger.CONTRACT KILLER- SNIPER

PvP mode and Elite mode

In addition to the contract tasks at CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER. It is also possible to participate in two other game modes. Includes online multiplayer PvP mode and Elite campaign mode. The content of each mode will not be the same. At the same time, opening up its own interesting rules for everyone to enjoy. Go to PvP mode to attack other players’ bases. Defeat them and win the war. From there rob valuable resources to become a champion. In addition, the Elite mode opens the invasion war of the Cyborg legion. Including motor vehicles and arsonists. They possess outstanding abilities, unleashing fierce and fierce attacks. Rely on skills to stop, and defeat the mighty force. Then the nanocrystals will be collected.Download CONTRACT KILLER- SNIPER


  • Unlimited money and gold

Being an assassin myself to perform contracts in CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER. There will be the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. Includes sniper rifles, assault rifles, stun guns, heavy guns, and even rocket launchers. Or you can use daggers for melee attacks. At the same time indispensable medical kits and armor. Because they not only increase their own defense. It can also heal when needed to increase the survival rate.