Cooking Voyage 1.11.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]
Cooking Voyage 1.11.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]

Cooking Voyage 1.11.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]

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Cooking Voyage is a fun game about the art of cooking and restaurant management. Coming to the game, you can experience an enchanting culinary journey. Players will take on the role of a talented chef and own a restaurant. Your task is to prepare delicious food and serve crowded customers. From there, build a thriving culinary empire. Cooking Voyage offers exciting challenges in preparing delicious dishes from around the world. You’ll learn about ingredients, cooking techniques, and serving the perfect party. You will also have to manage your restaurant. Enhance equipment, expand space, and manage staff. The growth of the restaurant depends on your management ability.

Cooking Voyage MOD APK – A restaurant and cooking game

The player will start the game with a small restaurant. With time and effort, you can grow into a vast culinary empire. During the game, you will participate in cooking competitions and learn how to prepare delicious dishes. At the same time, build a diverse menu to attract diners. Each word in Cooking Voyage is designed with great detail, from the selection of ingredients to the proper preparation and presentation of the dishes. The vivid images and realistic sounds help you feel the appeal of each word. Besides that, you also have to manage your restaurant, including creating work schedules for employees and improving facilities. Along with that is the optimization of the service process. Thereby to ensure customer satisfaction and become loyal customers. Cooking Voyage is truly a multi-dimensional game. Where you can unleash your creativity and experience the feeling of being a chef and restaurant owner. With beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, this game is a culinary journey not to be missed.

Practice skills

In Cooking Voyage, practising cooking skills is an essential activity. It is a way for players to advance and succeed in the culinary world. Here are some descriptions of this fascinating skill-training process:

Learn from top chefs: Players will be able to learn from famous chefs worldwide. Each chef has their unique skills and dishes. Interacting with them will expose you to a variety of cooking styles. Thereby you can learn how to prepare delicious dishes.

Practice and perfect the recipe: Players will be provided with various recipes. You must perform the cooking steps correctly and in time to ensure the perfect dish. Each time you practice this skill, you will become more proficient in cooking. Also, I have the opportunity to receive compliments from customers.

Upgrade everything

When the restaurant’s business has grown, upgrading is an inevitable requirement. You can equip many new types of cooking equipment, from convenient blenders to modern ovens. This helps players expand the range of dishes they can prepare, from traditional dishes to everyday and complex words. Players can customize the kitchen’s layout and arrange appliances intelligently. Thereby optimizing cooking performance. They can also expand the kitchen for more space. This allows them to do more cooking tasks at once. You can serve more customers. The kitchen upgrade in Cooking Voyage has brought a top-notch cooking experience. This is sure to make the gameplay more fun and addictive than ever.

Renovation and design

Restaurant Renovation: You start with a simple restaurant, but through each level, you can upgrade and renovate it. You can shop and upgrade modern equipment. They are intended to make cooking and serving dishes faster and more efficient.

Interior design: This is not just limited to kitchen renovation. You can also design the restaurant’s interior. Players can arrange tables, chairs, decorations and other restaurant parts. All to suit your style and desires. Creativity in design can help create a cosy and welcoming space. Thereby attracting customers to come.

Choose decoration and style: You can choose the restaurant’s decoration, style and colour. This allows you to express your creativity and personalize your space.

Cooking Voyage gives players an addictive game experience with sharp graphics and vivid sounds. You have a journey to explore diverse cuisine and make delicious dishes. Join MODLMH on the journey of cooking and restaurant management and challenge your abilities in Cooking Voyage.

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Name ID Cooking Voyage
Updated On 04/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Newvoy Games
Size 156MB
New version 1.11.56
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, Diamonds
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