Cover Strike 1.8.44 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked]
Cover Strike 1.8.44 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked]

Cover Strike 1.8.44 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked]

By The Toan - 22/08/2023 (8 months ago) - 77MB
Name Cover Strike
Updated On 22/08/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher FPS Shooter & Action Game
Size 77MB
Version 1.8.44
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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Update 22/08/2023 (8 months ago )

Are you looking for an FPS game completely offline? Cover Strike is definitely the top choice on your phone. This game has become so famous that it attracts millions of players around the world. It is well built with attractive shooting gameplay, a rich weapon system, and a realistic 3D design. Especially, this game works as soon as you are offline. So you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. But you can play with teammates who are available characters. It also has dozens of attractive maps and missions that you should not miss. In other words, this game has everything you need for an FPS game. What are you waiting for without trying it now?

Download Cover Strike MOD APK – Super hot offline FPS gameplay on mobile

While PUBG Mobile emerged with online battle royale gameplay, Cover Strike is a super hot name in the offline FPS genre. It gives you survival matches that are easier to play but attractive without a table. The biggest difference between these two popular games is probably the mode. You can play Cover Strike completely offline and without connecting to multiplayer. So does that mean this game is less competitive? Not really, because it offers a series of quest levels with increasing difficulty over time. Your opponents are super smart and flexible AIs and promise to cause many difficulties for your team.


Join the anti-terror campaign

This game has a single mode, which is Campaign. This mode includes chapters of content that are unlocked gradually as your level progresses. These chapters revolve around the anti-terrorist operation of the national secret service. You are one of the key members of the team of agents. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy base, destroy them and protect the security order of the country. This is a big and long-term task, going through hundreds of tasks from small to large. But you will not be alone, but have a whole team to work with. You can upgrade your party members to improve their fighting ability. And they will become your effective support units in each mission.

In each chapter in the campaign mode, the game offers a certain number of missions. To complete the task, you first need to master the skill of manipulation. Specifically, you need to learn how to move the character, aim, pull the trigger, change ammo, use the first aid box and grenades… Next, you need to pay attention to the strategy, that is, the action plan and the connection with other members. In battle, you need to combine skill manipulations to carry out the plan. Support members will be on duty to guide you through many different locations. You can also orient the whole team by analyzing the map through an on-screen minimap.


Explore the character and weapon system

Cover Strike brings a character system that is not too rich, but enough to form a team. Accordingly, there are talented agents such as Phoniex, Cobra, and Thunder. Each character has its own skills and different stats. These stats show each agent’s health, damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. You need to consider these stats before picking someone into the squad. At the same time, you need to upgrade them to improve the stats, thereby increasing the strength of the whole team.

Besides, it must be mentioned the super diverse weapon system of this game. It includes the most modern gun models from pistols, rifles, and machine guns to sniper rifles, bazookas, and more. Each type of gun will have many options with its own stats on damage, rate of fire, magazine size, and reload time. Of course, you can also upgrade guns to improve the aforementioned stats. In addition, you need to consider the properties of each gun before equipping them for your agent. There are weapons suitable for close combat, while others specialize in long-range combat.


Realistic and vivid 3D graphics

The game will make you excited not only by its gameplay but also by its graphic quality. It is built on high-end 3D graphics, providing realistic images with smooth motion. In particular, the battlefield scene is meticulously elaborated, including many areas with different designs. Besides, the character image and other details are equally true. Moreover, every movement is extremely smooth, there is almost no lag. Background music and combat effects are also very lively, making every battle attractive.


MOD Feature of Cover Strike

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money

So, do you want to join Cover Strike right away? This version at our site will make it easy for you to enjoy the ultimate FPS wars. Download it to your phone to explore now. Large-scale wars against terrorism are waiting for you to conquer. Get weapons and bring trusted allies. After that, you can end the campaign with a big victory and reward.