Cut the Rope 2 1.39.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money energy, unlock all levels]
Cut the Rope 2 1.39.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money energy, unlock all levels]

Cut the Rope 2 1.39.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money energy, unlock all levels]

By The Toan - 07/04/2024 (1 week ago) - 55MB
Name Cut the Rope 2
Updated On 07/04/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ZeptoLab
Size 55MB
Version 1.39.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money energy, unlock all levels
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Update 07/04/2024 (1 week ago )

Cut the Rope 2 is the second part of its predecessor Cut the Rope. Licensed by publisher Zepto Lab. The content is still kept according to the story of the previous part. Revolving around the adventures of the creature Om Nom and his friends. With a hobby of eating sweets and having an extremely cute appearance. Continuation of the previous session’s content. In this second part, many new features have been added, along with a series of mission improvements. At the same time upgrade the graphics to become more vivid and beautiful than before. Expressed through the surroundings recreated in each puzzle mission. Accordingly, joining this game will bring you completely new gameplay, graphics, and sound. Along with tougher puzzle challenges in Om Nom’s adventure.

Download Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK – Accompany Om Nom in the Candy Eating Adventure

Similar to the previous part of the game Cut the Rope 2. The content takes place about the adventures of the creature Om Nom. In the challenging journey to eat the sweet candy. With themed combinations to puzzle, play out each level. The sweet candy is being stuck by the ropes. It is necessary to cut them off to help the candy roll automatically into Om Nom’s mouth. However, there will be many obstacles and other creatures also crave sweet candy. Therefore, it will take intelligence to solve puzzles, in order to bring the candy to Om Nom correctly. When you do that, you will complete the task for a chance to receive a reward.Tai Cut the Rope 2

Quests by level, achievements

The mission system of Cut the Rope 2 is similar to the previous version. It takes place in increasing levels of play. Each level is a challenge, opening up a rope-cutting puzzle. The goal is to bring the candy roll to Om Nom’s mouth to complete the mission. Through the difficulty of each puzzle, there will be different solutions. At the same time, the achievement will be evaluated by the number of stars. A level can be achieved up to 3 stars. Accordingly, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the level and number of stars. Continue the adventure in the new quest. Help Om Nom enjoy the sweet candies. Then it will give you a feeling of victory, with fun puzzles.Cut the Rope 2

Challenges get harder after each level

Follow each puzzle that unfolds in Om Nom’s adventures. The difficulty of the game Cut the Rope 2 has also increased since then. With many difficult challenges waiting ahead. Because there are many factors that are changed after each start of a new task. The waiting positions of the creature Om Nom and the sweet candy appear in an intricate arrangement. From the distance the candy can roll to the creature’s mouth there will be obstacles. Sometimes even hindered by other creatures that crave sweets. At the same time, gold stars appear in many different locations. Make you use your brain to find a way to cut the rope, roll the candy through the stars and move to Om Nom’s mouth.Game Cut the Rope 2

Puzzle skills

According to the information introduced about the mission of Cut, the Rope 2 has more than 168 levels. Follow the puzzle gameplay to perform the rope-cutting action. Requires your skill in observing terrain conditions. Incorporating realistic physical rolling mechanics to apply to puzzle solving. Also, take advantage of the objects that appear on each level. Sometimes you will have to choose the right time to cut the wire. Because in some levels there are moving objects, making you have to calculate in detail. Over time, go through many levels of play in Om Nom’s adventure. Try to improve your skills and experience to be able to overcome more difficult puzzles.

Meet 7 friends

In the quest for sweet candies at Cut the Rope 2. There will be a chance to meet 7 different creatures. It is Om Nom’s friends who will assist in difficult puzzles to eat the sweet candy. Includes Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss, Boo, Snaibrow, and Ginger. Each friend will bring help in their own way. For example, Roto has the ability to bring Om Nom to a more favorable position to eat sweets. Lick can create a small bridge with his tongue, helping Om Nom move to a location near the candy. And some other friends will bring their own unique support, waiting for you to discover.Download Cut the Rope 2

MOD Feature of Cut the Rope 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and energy
  • unlock all levels
  • No ads

In the game Cut the Rope 2 has been provided with a customization feature. You can adjust the appearance of the Om Nom creature in your own way. Make a new splash in the candy-eating adventure. Besides, there are many different kinds of sweets. The difference is shown through the unique color of each candy. It is also possible to select the fingerprints displayed after each wire cut.