Dead Raid MOD APK – Zombie Shooter 3D 1.10.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Rewards, Dumb Ennemies, God-mode]

Dead Raid MOD APK – Zombie Shooter 3D 1.10.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Rewards, Dumb Ennemies, God-mode]

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Dead Raid MOD APK – Zombie Shooter 3D 1.10.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Rewards, Dumb Ennemies, God-mode]

Get ready to fend off waves of zombie attacks in Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D of MODLMH. Following the action gameplay is combined with shooting elements. You will play as a survivor of a doomsday disaster. Use equipped weapons to fight the bloodthirsty zombies in the rooms. Through first-person perspective brings visual observation. Requires a combination of skills to strike accurately to destroy them all. Overcome challenges and protect yourself. This game is built on offline shooting action mechanics. You can play for free after downloading. With many interesting features that promise to bring an engaging experience. Along with realistic simulated graphics and realistic sound effects.

Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D MOD APK – Fight Offensive Attacks From Crowds of Zombies

Publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES opens a world of post-apocalyptic fiction. With the arrival of the mob of zombies onslaught. They destroy buildings and attack survivors. Cause human civilization to almost perish. Set in a high-rise building covered with dense fog. This place was invaded by waves of zombies and created a fierce attack. In the role of the lucky survivor of the apocalypse. You have no other choice, fall prey to the enemy or fight. Use equipped weapons against enemies to protect yourself. Through the battles that take place in the corridors.Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D MOD

Tasks in stages

Resist attacks from zombies in the corridors of a large building. Quest through staged battles. At each stage takes place an attack from zombies in large numbers. With no support from anyone, only you fight against the enemy. From a first-person perspective use equipped guns and fire bullets. Kill each enemy in turn until wiping them all out. From there, you can keep your life and complete the mission. After that, you will receive rewards based on difficulty and achievements. Includes bonuses with the corresponding amount and accumulated percentage points to unlock weapons.Game Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D MOD

Difficulty increases when reaching a new stage

After killing all enemies in one stage of Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D. Continue to the battle at a new stage with increased difficulty. Accordingly, there will be many changing factors to challenge your ability to survive. The battle site will open in another area of ​​the building. For example elevators, doors, in rooms, and more. At the same time the number of zombies attacking increases. There are even more new types of enemies with the ability to overcome crimes. Make it difficult for you to destroy them all. It will even have to trade with your life and receive defeat. But besides that, the reward received after completing the next stage will increase even more.Dead Raid MOD APK - Zombie Shooter 3D MOD

Various zombie enemies

The process of staged wars will have to fight many different enemies. They are all scary zombies such as civilians, doctors, policemen, students, nurses, and many more. The shape of the zombie has a bloody appearance, a deformed face, and red eyes. The difference between them is also reflected in their ability. Slow-moving zombies usually have greater stamina. In contrast, zombies that move at a faster speed will be easily shot down. But if not quickly destroyed, they will approach and attack.

Fight zombie bosses

In addition to the scary zombies to face in battles. When it comes to a certain stage, you still have to fight against zombie bosses. With the ability to surpass ordinary zombies. From the amount of health, stamina to attack power. At the same time, having a large size will make it difficult for you to beat. However, after defeating the boss, there will be a greater chance to receive a larger bonus.Download Dead Raid – Zombie Shooter 3D MOD

Experiencing battles in the game Dead Raid MOD APK – Zombie Shooter 3D. There will be the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. They are all guns like rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, revolvers, and many more. Each gun is uniquely designed based on actual prototypes. To own them will have to win at stages. From there accumulate percentage points to receive rewards, when you reach 100%, you will be able to unlock a new gun for free. Here, each gun possesses a different attack ability. You need to learn each type in detail to get the most out of it.

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Name ID Dead Raid - Zombie Shooter 3D
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Size 136MB
New version 1.10.1
MOD Info Menu, Free Rewards, Dumb Ennemies, God Mode
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