Diamond Diaries Saga MOD APK 1.58.1 (Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel)
Diamond Diaries Saga MOD APK 1.58.1 (Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel)

Diamond Diaries Saga MOD APK 1.58.1 (Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel)

By HN - 02/01/2023
Name Diamond Diaries Saga
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher King
MOD Features Unlimited Lives, Cheat Panel
Size 99MB
Version 1.58.1
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Security By LMHMOD
Update 02/01/2023 (9 months ago )

Have you ever played a match-3 puzzle game? Follow that theme to come to the game Diamond Diaries Saga. This is a puzzle game genre designed with similar gameplay. But according to the new mechanism to recreate the puzzle missions. Instead of moving items to match horizontally or vertically. Here you will touch and link items of the same color, at least 3 quantities or more. In this game, the goal is to complete the precious necklace by solving puzzles to bring the valuable stone face to the necklace. Going through the challenges will have the opportunity to explore many exotic cities. With exciting levels to enjoy. Along with a series of challenges are waiting ahead. Promises a fun puzzle adventure.

Download Diamond Diaries Saga – Match-3 Puzzle To Complete The Gem Necklace

As introduced above about the gameplay of Diamond Diaries Saga. Rely on match-3 puzzle mechanics to complete the task. But the rule follows a completely novel style. With different circular items bearing the characteristic symbol. Includes red heart, four-leaf clover, moon, magnet, and purple star. They appear in an empty space in large numbers. To perform the puzzle you need to link at least 3 of the same circle symbols or more. By touching and dragging to link them together. From there, it can be collected in turn to achieve the goal of completing the mission.Diamond Diaries Saga

Missions according to each level of play

Similar to other match-3 puzzle game genres. Build a mission system according to each level of play. The game Diamond Diaries Saga is no exception. Your task is to complete the challenges at each level. Through the finishing of necklaces studded with stones. From there will have the opportunity to explore new levels. At each level of participation will give specific conditions. For example, a puzzle to make the stone face roll down the necklace with different amounts. After completing will end a level and receive a reward.Game Diamond Diaries Saga

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Each star will correspond to the number of puzzle points in the process. To be able to get a high score after finishing a puzzle level of Diamond Diaries Saga. It is necessary to create a bond with a large number of items in one turn. Also, complete the quest with the least number of puzzles possible. That will help you get a bigger score. Thanks to the remaining plays will automatically convert into points.

According to the rules of the game, each level will limit the number of puzzles. You will take turns completing the necklaces studded with stones. If after completing the puzzle, the number of chains cannot be completed. This means that the mission will fail and will have to start over at that level.Tai Diamond Diaries Saga

The difficulty increases gradually

Every time come to the next level of Diamond Diaries Saga. The difficulty of the quest will increase. The change in number of stone faces that need to be rolled down the chain increases more. Or the appearance of items to link will be discrete. It is difficult to create a link in large numbers in one turn. In particular, there will be additional obstacles that will hinder the rolling stone surface. Make you have to do many puzzles to be able to destroy them. From there, the road opened, helping the stone face roll down the chain.

Puzzles in different ways

From the puzzle levels that take place in Diamond Diaries Saga. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay in different styles. Although it still revolves around the match-3 puzzle quest to complete the beaded pendants. But there will be a change in terrain during the game. With a circular arrangement of items that carry the symbolism in many ways. This means that you will have to solve puzzles to open up the empty path in turn. From there, the stone can roll to fall and touch the chain.Download Diamond Diaries Saga

To bring an exciting puzzle adventure join Diamond Diaries Saga. The publisher has used sharp 3D graphics. With vividly designed image quality. They have shown through puzzle items, effects when creating links. Along with their movement when impacting each other. Along with that, funny sound effects. Based on each activity taking place during the task performance. The sound will be changed to make you feel more enjoyable.

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