Dots Order 2 1.4.7 APK MOD [No ads]
Dots Order 2 1.4.7 APK MOD [No ads]

Dots Order 2 1.4.7 APK MOD [No ads]

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Dots Order 2 is an exciting puzzle and puzzle game title. Coming to the game, you will be immersed in a world of colours and challenging thinking. This game inherits the success of the previous version. At the same time, it brings more exciting experiences. In Dots Order 2, the player’s task is to stack sparkling marbles to form specific shapes and patterns. Although it seems simple in the interface and playing rules, each level requires concentration and high thinking to complete. The game comes with time elements or a limited number of moves. This creates dramatic pressures and challenges.

Dots Order 2 MOD APK –  Dual orbit game

Dots Order 2 is a game that requires each person’s concentration and time management ability. You will face a series of small marbles that vary in colour and shape. The game’s main challenge is that you have to put them together in a specific order. These marbles will appear on the screen. You need to move them skillfully to arrange them in a consecutive chain according to the requirements of each level. This requires you to quickly identify the colours and shapes of the marbles to put them in the correct order. Also, time in Dots Order 2 is an essential factor. You will have to complete each level in a limited amount of time. This time, pressure will increase as the levels get more challenging. This creates extreme emotional tension. It also requires you to make moves quickly and accurately. Dots Order 2 emphasizes agility, time management and strategic thinking. This is a fun game for those who want to try their hand at a challenging puzzle experience.

The difficulty is constantly increasing.

What’s unique about Dots Order 2 is how it creates a constant and exciting challenge. It is shown through the continuous increase in difficulty with each level. From the first levels, the gameplay is easy and friendly to new players. As the game progresses, the game quickly shifts and transforms to defeat even veteran players. Each level in Dots Order 2 brings with it a new set of challenges. It includes a more complex combination of colours and shapes of marbles.

Along with that comes an increase in their number and speed of appearance. Higher levels require the player to place them in a specific order quickly. Sometimes, you will have to work with other restrictive constraints. For example, some marbles cannot be moved, or more complex operations must be performed.


Time constraints: One of the most common obstacles is time constraints. You must complete the level within a specific amount of time. This puts tremendous pressure on players. It requires you to react quickly and accurately in arranging the marbles.

Marbles cannot move: Some marbles are locked and cannot move on some levels. This requires you to use other marbles to put them in place. It makes arrangements more complicated.

Complexity in colour and shape: Marbles come in various colours and conditions, and sometimes they may even be similar. This increases the complexity of identifying and placing them in the correct order.

Rules and scoring

The player starts by choosing one of the dots. You then move over adjacent dots to form a square. The square can be any size. At the same time, they can rotate in different directions. The player must pass between the dots so no line passes through a drop previously used in creating the square. The score is calculated by adding points from creating the court and the path between the dots. Scores are subject to change. It depends on the size and complexity of the courts and alleys. Each court you create will give you points. The score will increase according to the size of the court. This means that larger shapes yield more points. Each path between the dots will also lose points. This score is usually calculated based on the length of the way and its complexity.

With crisp graphics, immersive sound and hundreds of different levels to explore and pass. Dots Order 2 awaits all players. This option is hard to ignore, especially for those who love the puzzle game genre. Let’s challenge your mind with MODLMH with attractive levels in Dots Order 2 days.

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Name ID Dots Order 2 - Dual Orbits
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PuLu Network
Size 43MB
New version 1.4.7
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