Dragon Hills 2 1.2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed]
Dragon Hills 2 1.2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed]

Dragon Hills 2 1.2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed]

By The Toan - 20/09/2023 (7 months ago) - 82MB
Name Dragon Hills 2
Updated On 20/09/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rebel Twins
Size 82MB
Version 1.2.15
MOD Features Menu, FREE SHOP -999999, Speed
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Update 20/09/2023 (7 months ago )

Action-adventure in the game Dragon Hills 2. Accompany the character riding a dragon to overcome challenges. The goal is to collect gold coins and defeat the enemies on the way. From there, you have the opportunity to explore magical lands. The gameplay takes place in a fun style, with a combination of fast-paced and dangerous. Especially the terrain can be destroyed upon impact. Promises to bring a fascinating adventure for you to enjoy. But along with that will require a skill. Your goal is to overcome all challenges to ride the dragon as far as you can. Achieve excellence and surpass your own previous record. Besides, there are many other unique features that will be discovered when participating.

Download Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK – Riding Dragon In Action Adventure

The game Dragon Hills 2 is the second installment in the Dragon Hills game series. The content revolves around the operation of riding a dragon to attack enemies. Collect gold coins and fly to reach the farthest distance possible. In this second part, there have been new improvements in content. The theme remains the same as its predecessor. But the terrain, the environment, the dragons that can be ridden, and the enemies have changed. Even more special when you can show off your achievements to your friends. From there compete for scores with them on the leaderboard. Not stopping there, so that every player can easily experience. The game will be played offline mode for free.Dragon Hills 2

The process takes place

The gameplay of Dragon Hills 2 is very interesting and fun. You will accompany the character in the game. Ride the dragon to start the action-adventure. Use the simple one-touch mechanism to perform various operations. Move on the ground, fly in the air, and crawl underground. To avoid dangerous obstacles. Defeat enemies that appear on the road. As well as collect gold coins that appear along the way. Keep moving forward and survive to reach as far as possible. Only after draining of health due to impact on obstacles. Or directly rushing into the trap will cause the dragon to lose its life. Meaning the adventure will stop.Game Dragon Hills 2

Simple one-touch mechanism

According to the one-touch control mechanism of the game Dragon Hills 2. Dragons will move on the ground to overcome the terrain. But you can control the dragon to plunge underground or fly into the air. By observing and touching at the right time so that the dragon can go down. At the same time, the speed will increase and create the force to be able to fly into the air. But it should be noted that this can only be done for a short period of time.

When impacting terrain and constructions, it can be completely destroyed. As well as attack enemies to destroy them. With a combination of terrain and your simple touch. From there it is possible to move forward to continuously increase the distance traveled.Tai Dragon Hills 2

Dragon power upgrade

Dragons in Dragon Hills 2 have special abilities. Possesses impressive strength to be able to overcome challenges. Ability is expressed through 3 different indicators. Includes vitality, drilling skills, and acceleration. Each of the dragon’s stats plays an important role in the action-adventure. It is necessary to use accumulated money to upgrade. Vitality represents the amount of blood, represented by the heart symbols. Drill skills help dragons can move underground longer. Acceleration is shown when the dragon moves up from the ground or descends from the air. Fast speed will create a strong impact force for a superior attack.

There are 4 worlds and 28 towers

In Dragon Hills 2 there are 4 completely different worlds. Along with 28 towers to conquer. Accordingly, each world opens up a beautiful backdrop. With the difference expressed through the environment and terrain. Consists of a crowded city with traffic. Arid desert regions, volcanic areas with toxic lava, and ancient Egypt. Each location will be designed in its own style. At the same time in one adventure can explore all 4 locations.Download Dragon Hills 2

A lot of challenges need to be faced in Dragon Hills 2. Accordingly, there are many enemies that will have to be destroyed. For example zombies, mummies, cowboys,… and many more. They appear in large numbers and are scattered on your adventure. Moreover, when reaching a certain stage, you have to face the boss. Boss has the ability to outperform normal enemies. Especially will actively attack to destroy you and the dragon riding. In order to continue the journey, you need to defeat the boss. By nimble dodging and precise attacks.