Draw Joust 4.0.9 APK MOD [Free Rewards]
Draw Joust 4.0.9 APK MOD [Free Rewards]

Draw Joust 4.0.9 APK MOD [Free Rewards]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)

Draw Joust! is an offline action game with super addictive gameplay. It allows you to unleash your creativity to design the craziest fighting vehicles. You will then drive them on the battlefield yourself with the goal of defeating your enemies. Sounds simple right? But in fact, the difficulty of the game can make you mad. You have to show unlimited creativity because there are hundreds of levels. Moreover, you need to draw reasonably to create the most comprehensive fighting machines. Next, you must move wisely to finish off the enemy. When you do all of this, you will master the war.

Draw Joust! MOD APK – Show your creativity and join the fight

Usually, you need to master combat skills to conquer action games. But in Draw Joust!, the only thing you need is unlimited creativity. That’s because the gameplay mechanics of this game are completely different from the rest. It brings you into tank battles of your own design. There are hundreds of such levels for you. Of course, the difficulty of the levels will increase over time. In difficult levels, you need not only creativity but also strategy. Show off both of these skills as you enter the game.


Draw everything your way

At each level, your goal is to defeat the enemy. The enemy’s shape will tell in advance. And you need to design a suitable type of combat vehicle to gain an advantage over them. The game will give you two wheels, the rest is up to you. Simply tap and swipe across the screen in different directions to draw, then view your work. How do you want your vehicle to look? It will have an arc around the hero, a spike, a tail, or other crazy seams. There is no limit to how you draw.

After completing the drawing phase, you will bring your vehicle into the battlefield. Here, you will fight the enemy and must defeat him to win and open the new opening. There are many ways to do that, depending on your strategy. In other words, there will be hundreds of different types of attacks of your own. You can push an enemy into a cliff or pit, stab him with a spear, blow him up with bombs… Make use of everything you have because enemies are persistent.


Upgrade stats

To improve your advantage in Draw Joust! , you need a reasonable upgrade strategy. There are 4 stats that need to be upgraded, including Ink, Power, Health, and Offline Earnings. First, you need to upgrade the Ink stat to be allowed to draw more. If you only have a certain number of Inks, your creativity will be limited. Next, the Power stat indicates the strength of the combat vehicle. You need this stat higher to have stronger attack power.

Besides, the Health index is equally important. This stat will indicate the hero’s maximum health. Of course, you’ll want the stats as high as possible to last longer on the battlefield. Sometimes, it only takes a few seconds for you to win. Finally, the Offline Earnings metric shows how much money you will earn while offline. The higher this stat, the more money you will have to upgrade the remaining stats. So let’s prioritize upgrading this stat in the early stages. Or you can also upgrade according to your own strategy.


Explore different maps

This game offers many unique maps that are unlocked by level progress. All maps are designed very simply with pure white color. But each map will have a different shape. The shape factor of the terrain also somewhat affects your action strategy. For example, on a map without walls, you can push enemies into the abyss. That is usually the most effective attack. Besides, the enemy also changes flexibly through the game screen. Get ready to take on many crazy battles with hundreds of unique enemies.


Simple 3D design

Like many other games from the publisher Voodoo, this game possesses a simple 3D graphic style. It only has 3 main colors including white, blue and red. But everything is harmoniously combined, providing a bright and pleasant experience space. Besides, the movements and combat effects are also very smooth. The vibrant background music also contributes to the attraction of each battle. In general, simplicity and sophistication are the hallmarks of this game.

Modified MOD information of Draw Joust

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and ink
  • no ads

Don’t miss Draw Joust! and immediately download this game to your phone. There are hundreds of interesting levels waiting for you here. Get creative as you draw the wackiest combat vehicles. Next, you will drive it on the battlefield yourself and encounter the enemy. Will you win with your creativity? You should experience the game yourself to find the most correct answer.

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Name ID Draw Joust
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4+
Publisher VOODOO
Size 65MB
New version 4.0.9
MOD Info Free Rewards
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )